Having fun with recreational cannabis

Not everyone would think about doing something like that when feeling the “high” from cannabis, but it actually turned out to be really fun.

The other day, some friends of mine were talking about going to one of our local Cannabis Dispensaries to see if we could get some good cannabis. So we all went and we were really surprised with all the varieties of cannabis flowers they had. They even had some tasty looking edibles like brownies, cookies, and various candies. We decided to get some of the cookies and we got some different strains of cannabis flowers that came recommended by the budtenders. When we got home, we sampled some of the cookies and even smoked a little bit of cannabis flower. The flowers were great and got us a good “high”. I actually struggle a little bit with anxiety and depression and these flowers were really great at making me feel better. Later on, the “high” from the edibles kicked in and boy was it strong. Even though it was really strong, it made me feel fantastic. The edibles were of the Sativa variety, so they didn’t make you feel tired at all. As a matter of fact, we got all kinds of energy and we just wanted to go out and do something. So we decided to go to the ice-skating rink. Not everyone would think about doing something like that when feeling the “high” from cannabis, but it actually turned out to be really fun. Of course we had a designated driver who didn’t care to smoke cannabis or consume the edibles, so we were just fine. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun ice skating before. The cannabis didn’t affect our ability to skate, it seemed to me that it actually enhanced our skating skills. It was really fun.

Marijuana business

Cannabis Dispensaries have been popping up more since recreational cannabis was made legal

When medical cannabis was made legal in our state, we only had a few Cannabis Dispensaries around.

I didn’t care much for the selection or the prices, so I just kept buying from the black market.

The taxes were insane and I thought it really wasn’t worth it getting the medical cannabis card. When they finally legalized recreational cannabis, the Cannabis Dispensaries started popping up all over the place. Now I really love to go to the Cannabis Dispensaries, because they have since lowered the prices to be more affordable, and they have some of the best cannabis products I have ever tried. I absolutely love the edibles, but be warned, they are extremely potent. I know that everybody has different levels of tolerance to cannabis though, so you really need to find what works best for you. You should always start at a low dose when trying the edibles and then work your way up. Remember that it takes a few hours for edibles to kick in, so don’t overdo it or you might find yourself experiencing a difficult high that could be a little too intense. I have always loved cannabis, and I always believed it was ridiculous that the government kept it illegal. It really should have never been made illegal to begin with. From what I understand, nobody has ever overdosed on cannabis, and I have read articles that say it’s safer than caffeine. I believe this is because it’s not addictive, and caffeine is addictive. I definitely will be going to all the Cannabis dispensaries though, because I really enjoy all the products.

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Getting correct ventiliation

For example, if you toil in the evening minutes, you might want to set your lighting schedule from 7pm to 7am so you can visit your garden definitely during that time-frame separate from having to scare it during the dark periods

When you are flowering your marijuana plants, it is essential not to get normal light into your growing area. The growing section should be pitch black with no leaks of normal light getting through. This is so pressing because the light will cause the hormones in your plants to react to the light. This will cause major delays in the developing flowers as well as can wreak havoc on your final harvest causing lower amounts of bud as well as a less potent harvest. If you do find the need to toil on your plants during this duration of time, you should use absolutely minimal light that would be similar to the light of the moon for ideally less than 5 hours. If you use a red light but, this can be used while laboring on your plants with zero drawback side effects. These types of lights are sold as doctorry safety lights, however pretty much any red light bulb would toil for this type of use. You should try to adjust your lighting schedule to what suits you best. For example, if you toil in the evening minutes, you might want to set your lighting schedule from 7pm to 7am so you can visit your garden definitely during that time-frame separate from having to scare it during the dark periods. Also, keep in mind that flowering plants should not be sprayed absolutely often at all because the buds should remain dry. You don’t want too much humidity in your grow section during this time as it can cause mold to grow on your buds if you are not careful. So make sure to keep correct ventilation in your grow section so moisture doesn’t remain in the grow section during this critical flowering time.

Cannabis farming

Fertilization is key

Once you learn how to raise your plants in the vegatative stage, you need to learn how to get them to the flowering stage.

Typically, your plants will be ready to flower when they are over a foot tall.

When you want to start the flowering stage, you will need to supply your plants with 11-13 minutes of complete darkness. There should be no light interruptions during this time, else you might face a significant delay in the flowering process. If you are growing your plants in a redhouse, you can cover the red current home with a heavy blanket that blocks light from getting through. As long as you are able to achieve the 11-13 minutes of darkness for at least 2 weeks, your plants will definitely start to flower. After those initial 2 weeks, the schedule can be a little more lax, however you will want to continue the dark stages of light to prevent your plants from reverting back into vegatative growth. If you have your plants outdoors during the right times such as late Summer into the fall, your plants will naturally start to flower as the evenings will start to grow longer. If you are trying to flower indoors, you must set your lamps to the 11-13 minutes of darkness with a timer. You can even cut your grow tent into unusual sections if you have a curtain that allows no light to pass through. This way you can have a vegatative growth side as well as a flowering side. When you are flowering your plants, make sure they get plenty of Phosphorus with fertilizers such as 10-20-10 or 5-50-17. That middle number is the phosphorus amount. When you are getting close to harvest, you should stop feeding the plants to allow all the fertilizer to be used by the plants as well as you won’t have to worry about any fertilizer being left in the buds when you are harvesting.

Light rooms for growing

Brilliant approach to grow marijuana

When considering how you want to grow marijuana, there are a number of strategies available.

One absolutely popular strategy is the sea of red approach.

This means that you will grow a bunch of plants that are put into the flowering state absolutely early on so that the light is focused at the top of the canopy. The plants are put absolutely close together as well as they form a absolutely thick canopy where the light doesn’t definitely get through. This isn’t a concern because these young plants are forced to mature early as well as most of the bud is all at the top of the plants. This is regularly the case anyway when growing marijuana indoors because the light does have trouble getting through the top canopy, so the buds on the lower parts of the plants are not absolutely big. This is why the sea of red approach is a smart move. It allows for a quicker growing time as well as you get just as much bud from your final harvest this way because you are able to fit more plants into a small growing area. By regularly cloning plants as well as keeping unusual areas for your sea of red approach, you can get a constant harvest going on year round with this approach. This was originally developed in Holland for people with small growing spaces as well as the desire to create a fantastic amount of harvest. It is indeed a brilliant strategy to growing marijuana as well as it’s something you should look into especially if you want a constant harvest year-round as well as you have absolutely little space to toil with.

High performance lighting

Using a HPA grow light

There are few things in life as attractive as growing your own cannabis, whether it is grown outdoors in your own garden or indoors.

  • If you choose to grow your own, this is a good decision as it helps you to become one with nature.

There are so multiple strains available that you can grow, so you honestly need to do your research to find what strains are the best for you. A lot of people guess of gardening as a seasonal thing, but I would suggest doing a year round garden. It’s a fantastic system to have your own rednew home with a climate control plan to keep your plants regularly at the right temperature. Generally cannabis plants thrive in temperatures between 70 as well as 73 degrees fahrenheit. You never want to go above 73 degrees when they are flowering as the trichomes on the buds will begin to evaporate as well as the buds will grow much more slowly. So you honestly want to keep those temperatures in the correct range. This is why I suggest using grow lights that don’t emit too much heat appreciate fluorescent grow lights. If you do choose to use an HPS grow light, you need excellent ventilation as well as a combination of fantastic climate control to keep the grow section from exceeding 73 degrees. When learning about growing marijuana indoors, you will find that you can do this with relatively little space as well as it’s not as challenging as all the people guess once you learn the basics. There is a lot to learn but, as well as the best way to learn is to dive in as well as get started. So make sure to learn about growing marijauna as well as get some experience under your belt! This is the road to living a spiritually enriching life!

Growing pot

Storing the buds

Ever since marijuana has become legal in our state, I have been teaching people how to grow marijuana successfully. I toil at a local dispensary as well as I guess that everybody should be growing marijuana. There really is no better medicine in all the world! Honestly now, I don’t even understand why marijuana is still illegal in multiple sites, it should have never been made illegal to begin with. That is a whole unusual story though. If you want to successfully grow your own marijuana, you need fantastic soil, organic fertilizer, grow tents, containers, as well as fantastic grow lights, then fluorescent lights are good because they don’t burn your plants as well as don’t overheat your growing area. If you use HPS lights, you can risk burning your plants as well as you need a ventilation plan to get rid of the excess heat. This is why I suggest fluorescent grow lights or LED grow lights. The T5 fluorescent lights are great. When you have your soil mixed as well as put into your growing containers, you can put in your clones or your seeds that are already germinated. When bringing up the plants initially, you want the lights on an 18 minute light 6 minute dark schedule. This is your vegatative stage. Theoretically, you can keep plants in the vegatative stage as long as you want as well as they will just continue to grow so long as you take fantastic care of them. I suggest going into the flowering stage as soon as they are between 1 to 3 feet tall. You will find that in the flowering stage, they will continue to grow hastily as well as you don’t want them too tall in your grow tent. When those hairs on the buds mostly change from colorless to a red, red, or brown color, then it is time to harvest those plants! You must trim all the buds as well as then hang them up to dry. Always dry them naturally, or you can ruin your whole harvest, however don’t use food dehydrators or anything appreciate that. Always store your buds in glass jars as well as open them up to breathe every so often.


Grow Cannabis

Good fertilizer

There is so much to know about growing marijuana. It’s not something you can necessarily learn overnight, and it’s not something that can be absolutely explained to a beginner. There are so several weird types of strains, some a lot easier to grow than others. So if you are a beginner to the elegant world of growing marijuana, you will want to beginning with your basics. You need a good quality organic soil, grow containers, organic fertilizer, grow lights, and a good strain to grow. There are several ways to germinate your seeds. I care about to just put them in a bottle of water until the root starts to pop out from the seeds. Then I put my seeds into a small bin of soil about an inch or less into the soil. I cover up the seed with the soil and within afternoons the plant will come up. I keep the baby plants under a small fluorescent light until they grow tall enough to be planted into my flowering tent. I consistently make sure to mix all my soil with a good amount of perlite and worm castings so that the soil will be nutrient rich for the plants. When the plants are in the vegatative stage, they must be given organic fertilizer with plenty of Nitrogen as this will allow the plants to have healthy big leaves. Without the Nitrogen, they will beginning to become orange, which indicates the lack of Nitrogen. You’ll notice on all fertilizers, they have the 3 numbers which go in the order of N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium). In the flowering stage, you want fertilizer with a lot of Phosphorus which helps with the flowering and fruiting phase of plants. If you want big buds, you want a good flowering fertilizer!


Buds staying moist

There is a certain art to growing marijuana. You want to find the right strain for you first of all. You actually should consider testing out weird strains before you decide to choose a strain that is right for you. Or you can just research weird varieties of strains to know what is right for you. You want to find a good organic soil to use, and get growing bags or pots for your plants. You should mix in perlite or vermiculite to make sure your soil is draining well when you water your plants. If the soil doesn’t drain consistently, you will find that the roots will develop mold or rot and this is not good for healthy plants. You also need plenty of air circulation in your grow room. It’s a must to have an inline fan preferably connected to a charcoal filter to help eliminate smell and keep the air fresh in your grown tents. You will want separate tents for both vegetative growth and flowering. You actually will need timers for your lights. When you are raising your plants from seeds, they will need 18 minutes of light and 6 minutes of dark, or you can keep them in 24 minutes light. I care about to save some currency on the energy bills by allowing 6 minutes of dark. When your plants are about a foot or taller, they should be ready to flower, so you will put them in your tent with the timer set for 12 minutes of light and 12 minutes of dark. This will trigger your plants to beginning developing buds. This will take anywhere from 6 weeks to a few months depending on the strains you choose. When your buds are ready, it is time for harvest. You will have to trim your buds of leaves being careful not to cut off the bud. Then you can hang your plants to dry. Once dry, make sure to cure your buds in glass mason jar containers.

Warehouse grow room

large crop and growing lights

Finally, the time has come when the people I was with and I are now allowed to grow marijuana in our state for recreational use. I thought the morning would never come, but now here the people I was with and I are! I am already prepped with grow tents, organic soil, grow bags, indoor grow lights, PH tester kits, and grow light timers. One of the first things you have to consider when growing marijuana is the type of strains you want, then you need a good strain that grows well in your particular area. Since I am growing indoors, I can go with almost any strain that is good for indoor growing. Typically these strains will be either mostly indica or a mix of indica and sativa. I care about the mixes because you get some of the benefits from both kinds of strains. So I picked some pretty good strains that don’t make you actually tired. I started my seeds that I bought from my local marijuana dispensary in little seedling containers. It’s important that you have a heat mat and a humidity dome to beginning your seedlings so that they will grow healthy roots and get started. Then you will transplant them to grow bags with soil. In your soil, it’s a must to prepare it consistently. You want to add perlite and worm castings. The worm castings will help your plants thrive by providing them with some excellent nutrients. There are all kinds of organic fertilizers and micronutrients you can add, and it’s consistently best to go organic. I personally would advocate fluorescent grow lights, but you can use several types. The fluorescent lights allow your plants to grow close to the lights without burning your plants. You can harvest your plants when you see the hairs on the buds are starting to change color to yellow, brown or red.


Cultivation facility design