What I do when I order new weed

I have consistently been a giant fan of Bob Marley.

  • With my appreciation of his music, I have also adored his lifestyle.

This is why I started smoking cannabis at a younger age. There was nothing better than jamming out to her songs while smoking some cannabis. There is a particular fun quality to it. I enjoy getting a group of pals over, rolling a joint & listening to his songs. Sometimes I write tunes & periodically I paint. I feel so creative when I smoke. It is easier now than ever to smoke marijuana. Not only are there more recreational cannabis dispensaries showing up, but there are mobile cannabis vans too. You can entirely go to a dispensary & get delivery, just like with a pizza. You call them up, say your wants & pay the cannabis van. It makes it a more fun evening with my friends. I enjoy placing an order when I have a few friends over. Some of us try out something new on the menu. Others just like to hang out & take some puffs of the cannabis flower, & that’s fine too. A lot of my buddies enjoy Bob Marley almost as much as I do & I’m actually happy about that. The more people who are touched by this pretty music, the better every one of us are off. Rock n roll is all about peace & loving your fellow man in the world. Smoking a current strain of weed while listening to 1 of the greatest men in the world is 1 of my number one things to do.

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Changing my mind on cannabis

The reason I appreciate to take CBD is that I never truly loved the ‘high’ that comes with partaking of cannabis

For a while I was a hater about weed. I was hating on cannabis & since that it was addictive. I did call it a gateway drug at 1 point in my life. I figured anyone who smoked pot was a drug addict with no job. They did not have a real life, never would amount to anything & live a trashy day to day lifestyle. Anyone who has a drug dealer can’t be successful. I started altering my mind when marijuana was being used for medicinal purposes. When cancer sufferers were relying on marijuana I started hearing stories. When medical marijuana dispensaries began popping up I thought weed might not be as horrible I previously believed. Then it seemed like everyone was smoking for recreational purposes & nothing poor has come of it, and recently CBD has been getting popular. This is the area of the plant that doesn’t get you high, people use it to help with pain or even to reduce inflammation from injuries. Now I have tried it for the first time & I loved it. I take CBD oil every evening & I enjoy that I can pick it up at the local cannabis dispensary. I also enjoy trying current kinds of edibles. The reason I appreciate to take CBD is that I never truly loved the ‘high’ that comes with partaking of cannabis. I realize that there are many pills out there that will put you under, & the ‘high’ from THC isn’t so awful compared to those kinds. I would rather keep a clear head if I am able to though. I am able to enjoy some of the benefits from cannabis with CBD & also stay good.


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The bad reputation of cannabis

I have to wonder why so many people lie about things all the time.

I mean, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a small fib. I suppose telling my babies about the tooth fairy isn’t terrible. Nobody is getting harmed by this fib at all, but, there are lies that truly can affect people, and our government is quite a liar when it comes to cannabis. How is it that they made such a beneficial plant look so bad? It’s deranged to read up about the cannabis plant. It used to grow everywhere, it is called ‘weed’ due to that. It just so happens that all kinds of weeds & herbs have tons of medicinal properties that every one of us are not aware of. You won’t read anything about it in our classrooms either, that’s for particular. Why would they want to confess that they have been lying about how awful cannabis is? I have done quite a bit of looking around & have talked to many budtenders at cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis is entirely a good drug to take & is all natural. It is nothing like popping pills & getting addicted. There is no addictive quality at all. You can even smoke cannabis & not get all weird mentally. CBD products have only the nice portions of the plant that cut back chronic pain, stress & increase appetite. Cancer suffers, PTSD & seizures all see benefits from cannabis. Why do people still feel the drug is bad? Why can’t the government get on board with pot being helpful?


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Opening our dispensary

My mother and father recently decided to open up a cannabis dispensary.

At first it was all about medical marijuana due to the fact that was the program that was legal in our state, and eventually, they decided to allow recreational marijuana in our area.

I have to say that this was all truly shocking to me because in college I was consistently taught that marijuana is a gateway drug, and marijuana was just the start of some truly dangerous narcotics. I have since changed my tune. My parents did a lot of research on marijuana before they opened up the cannabis dispensary. They also talked to some of the local budtenders about different cannabis strains. It is shocking how beneficial cannabis products are, just about everybody can be fixed with a little CBD. You don’t even need to get high either to see the benefits, and some people choose to go to a dispensary & buy products only with CBD in it. That is the nice portion of the cannabis plant. You can reduce stress, chronic pain & sleep better at night without getting high. The THC is the portion of the plant that gets you high. A different style of person goes looking for those products. Even smoking for just fun purposes is not awful. If a lady wants to reduce stress or just know mellow, more power to them. I enjoy working at the dispensary & talking to each customer finding out their reason for smoking.


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Cannabis is really not so bad

When the first cannabis dispensary opened up in our city, I was a little worried, I did not want to try out all the cannabis products right out.

I have to admit, I was truly concerned that I would all of the sudden become an addict, and after a neighbor talked me down & got me to a local cannabis dispensary, I was truly shocked by how professional the budtenders were & how the dispensary seemed more like a medical office than anything else.

I thought it was going to be a bunch of drug dealers or dead heads looking to sell myself and others different types of weed. It really was not like that. The facility was scrubbed clean with glass cases filled with all sorts of products. There were strains like OG Kush, Purple Haze & Girl Scout Cookies. I found CBD oil & other CBD infused products. I feel awful for thinking the dispensary was going to be just like a seedy gas station. I have come to learn a lot about the good sides of cannabis from going to the local cannabis dispensaries, but now I feel doubly awful because cannabis is entirely a nice thing for some people. I had been taught that cannabis is basically the most evil drug on the planet. The truth of the case is that cannabis can help you with different issues! Cannabis helps with appetite, nausea & depression, but you can also sleep nicer, reduce seizures & even Alzheimer’s patients are relying on weed now. It is truly a helpful drug.
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CBD for back pain

I also feel way more relaxed when I smoke.

I basically learned everything I know about cannabis from my buddy Dan who died. I was certainly upset when he died, and I smoked a bunch of cannabis in his honor. I prefer smoking cannabis rather than edibles or oils. Cannabis helps me in many ways. Sometimes I use cannabis oil. I usually take CBD oil if I am having trouble sleeping or I am stressed. I put a few drops in my tea and I am good. Sometimes I get a new strain of cannabis from the local cannabis dispensary to ease my chronic back pain if I am suffering. I find that cannabis oil is able to take away from our back pain. It absolutely helps a lot. My muscles get stiff and sore after not being in use from sleep. Dan was the one who told me that CBD in cannabis could help my back out. I did not believe him but I was desperate. I went to the recreational dispensary, talked to a budtender and got a product. I now smoke cannabis anytime I feel some back pain. The muscles feel so much better and I don’t feel as sore. I also feel way more relaxed when I smoke. The cannabis reduces inflammation, so that is why it helps. I am hopeful that one day I won’t have chronic pain anymore. I can thank my buddy Dan and also thank the local recreational dispensary for that. The recommendation and the right cannabis product is what would have helped me.
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Cannabis is way better than people think

They don’t realize how many things that CBD helps with

A lot of people like to talk smack about cannabis. They like to pretend that it is not a natural drug. Everybody is equipped with an endocannabinoid system and that is what regulates all the essential functions in our bodies. It regulates everything from mood to how we rest during the night. It helps our bodies to heal from all sorts of concerns including physical and mental concerns. This is why people prefer to smoke cannabis recreationally, because it helps them feel better in life. So many people are upset, depressed, annoyed or bitter, but cannabis helps to relieve those issues. We are able to naturally look at the brighter side of things. Not only is cannabis a powerful medicine, but it is incredibly safe. Nobody has died from overdosing on cannabis and they never will. If anybody tries to say they have, they are flat out lying for whatever reason. Make sure to head to your local cannabis dispensary or go to a state where cannabis is legal. You can feel happier or less stressed with the right strain. Cannabis can help those with seizures, PTSD or even cancer patients. cannabis is good for winding down, creative thinking or just to help sleep at night. A lot of people are ignorant about cannabis. They don’t realize how many things that CBD helps with. They don’t realize that there are no side effects either. There are only good things when it comes to cannabis. More and more dispensaries are opening up due to this too.


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Reduce stress with cannabis

I truthfully wish more people would relax and take it easy in the world.

Why are so many people violent and what is the deal with stress lately? I don’t know if there is ever a time where everyone around me is relaxed.

People drink booze or do yoga to relax. Some people go on long runs or eat unhealthy. The stress relief methods are vast and usually not effective. It is so easy to be less stressed though. The happiest, calmest people I have ever met all happen to smoke cannabis. It absolutely makes me happy to smoke. I turn to cannabis when I have a rough day at work or when I need to just wind down at night. Every night before bed I take a few drops of CBD. It is medically proven to help a person sleep at night. Cannabis also reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It is much healthier than eating ice cream or drinking your weight in booze. It is faster to smoke a joint than take a yoga class. In my state getting cannabis is so easy too. I just drive down to the local cannabis dispensary and pick up my new product. Sometimes I am feeling fun and I get a few edibles. When I need stress relief, it is nice having the solution. I feel more people should turn to cannabis. I bet there would be less heart attacks, failed marriages and turn over at places of employment. Cannabis is the solution.

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Cannabis to help with chemo

I have a story that a lot of people might find hard to believe.

I was diagnosed with lung cancer roughly 5 years ago. I was devastated to hear the news but I wasn’t going to just give up on myself. I have heard countless tales about people going through chemotherapy and radiation. I know that usually it doesn’t work out too well. Even for those who are able to beat the cancer, they go through the sickness and chronic pain. I wanted to find a natural way to beat the cancer so I started researching. I learned to eat healthy and have a nutritious diet. I also learned that people are smoking cannabis to reduce the effects of chemo. CBD in the cannabis plant increases appetite that is affected by chemo. It also fights chronic pain and inflammation. Cannabis is good at reducing nausea and even getting off cancer cells. I was so worried about chemotherapy, but then I went to the local Cannabis Dispensary. The strain of cannabis I got was so strong and it absolutely just knocked me out. After I would smoke though, I felt so much better. I won’t say chemo and radiation was fun or easy, but the cannabis made it better. I am so thankful that I had a medical marijuana dispensary right in my town. It made the process less stressful and easier for me. I beat my lung cancer and now I smoke recreationally. Cannabis has changed my life for the better.

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Annoying that some places are still not legalizing cannabis

It’s a good thing that more states are legalizing cannabis and cannabis dispensaries are opening up more and more

It is very important for people to have the freedom to choose. We live in what we call a free country, but in some places, we don’t have the freedom to get the medicine we need. There are certain states that cannabis is not legal. I talk about cannabis because it’s one of the most medicinal and beneficial plants nowadays. Yet it remains illegal in certain locales. The truth is that cannabis should never have been made illegal to start with. It bothers me that you can drive to a state and smoke all the cannabis you want. You can go into a dispensary to get ebiles, CBD oil and new strains like Blue Dream. But, if you drive five hours south, none of that is allowed. Did you know that I can’t even have CBD oil shipped to me? There is no THC in the oil. I can’t get high from the product. CBD would only be to help me sleep and I can’t get it. I can’t buy it online from a cannabis dispensary or from a local online store like amazon. I am just stuck sleeping bad at night or using offshoot brands like hemp oil that doesn’t work. To treat this amazing drug like it is something bad is just dumb. We could be saving countless lives with cannabis and use it for all kinds of great things. At the very least, people can just have the choice to use it or not. It’s a good thing that more states are legalizing cannabis and cannabis dispensaries are opening up more and more. The push for nationwide legalization is more powerful. It is a matter of time when cannabis is allowed everywhere.

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