After the dispensary put me out of business, I need work

After I graduated from university, I worked a total of 1 full time job for a grand total of 1 week. It was at a shopping mall book shop, plus it was 1 of the worst weeks of my life, however the work itself was not that terrible, if I’m being 100% honest, it was the growing feeling I had of “well this is it, pal, this is the rest of your life.” In university, my future seemed bright, however in the work force my future seemed limited, and more about endless clock punching plus endless irritating purchasers, so I quit after 1 week, plus set out to build my own fortune on my own terms, my path ended up being marijuana sales, which ended up being absolutely nice work for me for a long period of time, and after a few weeks selling cannabis for a friend of mine I earned enough of a nest egg to buy a large amount! From that point on I set my own hours, my own prices, plus staked my position as the main marijuana source for my whole town. Things might have gone on care about that for a long time, simply perfect, except for that stupid marijuana dispensary opened up a few blocks from here, now my customer base is all however gone, because the marijuana dispensary carries hundreds of different products, plus I simply can’t match their quality. I still have better prices, however it seems my purchasers would rather pay a higher cost for higher quality marijuana than to buy what I’m selling. I think I will have to break down plus apply for my 2nd job, at the marijuana dispensary.