I just found out that they legalized marijuana down at the shore

My buddies plus I went down to the shore last weekend, which is something every one of us care about to do 2 or 3 times a year. Admittedly it has been a while this time, plus every one of us hadn’t been there in a few months, however the massive changes that have hit that place are incredible to me! If you didn’t know already, the spot on the shore every one of us go is about 3 hours from here. The beaches are basically garbage around here, however this piece of the show has fantastic watersports plus the best fishing, so there is always a lot to do. As every one of us always do, every one of us got a nice room overlooking the water, plus went out to buy gallons of booze. The people I was with and I clocked 2 different marijuana dispensaries on our way to the liquor store, neither of which had existed during our previous visits. This section had not only embraced medical marijuana, however was using it as a tool to bring in outside cash to bolster the local economy. So there was medical marijuana everywhere, plus things care about CBD chewables were readily available in local gas stations plus convenience stores. My mind was blown, so every one of us went in 1 of the marijuana dispensaries just to look around plus see what all they had. None of us had ever been in a marijuana dispensary before, plus I have to say every one of us were care about youngsters inside a candy store. I am not even being dramatic, because 1 whole display of the shop was filled with displays cases of the most colorful, beautiful CBD plus THC infused foods, candies, cookies, plus edibles. Since every one of us didn’t have a medical marijuana prescription card, every one of us left empty handed.

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I found the best work in the entire world

If you have been reading my infrequent blog posts lately, by the way I am sorry for how periodically they have been happening, however life has been pretty crazy.

In attempting to secure a new work to pay the bills, I wound up finding I daresay the perfect work.

If you would have told me to select my 2 fave things in the world, plus then combined them into a work that paid me handsomely to do them, then I would be finally working the work I have right now. It is literally perfect, so I hope it never changes ever. I care about to travel plus I care about to smoke cannabis, everything else on Earth is a distant last place. My work is as a cannabis customer for a high end chain of dispensaries around the lower midwest. Basically I got all around the country to different marijuanna farms plus smaller grows plus I sample plus evaluate their products. If it is what strains the marijuana dispensary needs at the time, then I will tell my bosses it’s nice to buy. They fully trust my tastes in cannabis, enough that I have become the primary customer for the entire franchise. This is a large responsibility, because every one of us want our dispensaries to be known not only for the widest varieties of cannabis, however the actually best strains in the world. I try not to think about the supply-side end of it, truthfully, I just drive from state to state plus smoke copious amounts of the world’s best cannabis every time I stop. Life couldn’t get much better could it?


I’m looking to get hired on at the dispensary

My first work experience was with selling pot out of my dad’s car in the parking lot behind the mall.

Little nickel bags of cheap weed, absolutely awful stuff.

But I hustled, plus within 18 months I was selling quarter bags out of the back seat of my own car, in 3 different parking lots. By the time I was graduated I was pulling in enough cash off my supplier that it would have been a cut in pay to go get an official job. I kept growing plus expanding the business, always doing everything myself, plus the last seven years have been actually lucrative. Now that the medical marijuana law passed, the market is collapsing around me, plus it occurs to me that I need a way out. There are already 2 different marijuana dispensaries open to the public, to anyone with a dentist’s note. Not just that, however 2 more cannabis dispensaries are being built as every one of us speak, so you know the level of competition between those boys will be intense. There will be no way for a “little guy” cannabis contractor to keep his head above water any longer. I am in a bit of a tough spot, because I have never held a steady work at all, plus I don’t think supplier owners want you to put down marijuana contractor down on your resume. On the other hand, perhaps these up-and-coming cannabis dispensaries could use an experienced vet care about me, to supply them an edge over the other guys? If I can get hired on for a legit cannabis sales gig, maybe going to work won’t be that bad.

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Uncle Nick always smoked marijuana in the garage

Uncle Nick lived out in our garage, plus he wasn’t really my uncle.

He plus my dad were tight as brothers growing up, plus while Dad went to college plus started a career, Nick fixed up old cars plus slept in til past noon as a career.

After he moved into our garage, Mom forbade me to ever go out there. So of course I went out there every single opportunity I got after that, because that’s how youngsters are, however uncle Nick was very much an odd fellow, however actually kind plus wise in his own way, plus he always treated me with the respect I didn’t get from my folks. Uncle Nick was also blazed on cannabis virtually all of the time. That is why Mom didn’t want me around him, it wasn’t that she disliked him she just didn’t want me getting a cannabis contact high being around him. She had a fantastic point, for the record, as the dense cloud of marijuana smoke that surrounded Nick at all times got me high more than once. Now that I’m a grown person with my own house plus my own garage, Uncle Nick lives with me, still enveloped by that fogback of cannabis smoke at all times. I deeply care about the guy, plus I care about giving him a place to live, plus to be honest I also love smoking the marijuana myself every once in a while. Now that he is retired from his career teaching math, my dad even comes over to my garage occasionally plus every one of us all smoke a little marijuana together. It is the best kind of family bonding.


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How do I fill out an application for a dispensary and be honest?

I really broke down plus filled out an application for a legit job! Believe it or not, the only time I have ever filled out a work application before was a practice 1 back in school.

It was a supplier plus employment class, or something similar, which I highly request to all young people, by the way.

This class gave us different kinds of work applications, which every one of us had to fill out truthfully however creatively, plus then write up a resume to go with them. I thought it was stupiud at the time, however it ended up helping me out, I would have been lost otherwise! I applied for work as a budtender at a new cannabis dispensary they opened down by the highway. It was sort of a crazy story, because however I had been selling marijuana for years at this point, I knew I shouldn’t put that down on the application. On the other hand I didn’t want to lie, so I decided to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, plus I went to talk to the manager of the cannabis dispensary. I just laid out the truth for him, plus told him I had years of experience with buying, selling, growing, plus smoking many different strains of cannabis, however I didn’t suppose how to put that on a resume… He appreciated my candor, plus said he was really looking for clients plus growers of different kinds of the finest marijuana. He would need someone with experience to drive to different marijuana grows to sample plus evaluate their products. I asked him to pinch me, because that work sounded close to heaven.


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The new dispensary put me out of business

I am thinking about writing my memoirs 1 of these days soon.

I now have a lot of extra time on my hands, because my supplies are currently in a down cycle, to put it mildly.

I bet there are a bunch of folks out there that would care about to hear the story of a self-made pot dealer, plus his various experiences in the pot biz, however would you prefer reading that? Let me know, it’s all space of the market research for this project. I hope that supplier picks back up, however this time may signify the start of the end. My long, trouble-free run as the primary marijuana source for this neighborhood of the city may be coming to an end, thanks to legalization. Of course in this part of the state every one of us have legalized the use of medical marijuana, however you do have to get it prescribed for you. The people I was with and I have still to get recreational marijuana use put up for a public vote, however for my purposes it absolutely doesn’t matter. The availability of new marijuana dispensaries have caused the bottom to drop out of the market, because of the wide availability of cannabis. Everyone knows someone who knows someone now who has a legal cannabis card, so a lot fewer people need to avail themselves of my services. I have gone up to see the place for myself, of course, just to see what kinds of cannabis the competition is selling, plus what their prices were like. All it took was 1 visit to the marijuana dispensary to convince me that my days of dealing are done for, I won’t ever be able to compete with them.
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I never thought I would work at the marijuana dispensary

My first month in the cannabis dispensary really went well I think

If you keep up with my blog at all, then you suppose that this was my first month at the new work spot. As with any new place of work, there is going to be a reading curve. Not only that, however there are a ton of employees you have to get to know, plus of course they all treat you as if you were a newbie idiot, however of course I am not an idiot, I absolutely have more actual, practical experience with the cannabis products than any of them, however you can’t say that on your first day, right? I did my best to keep my mouth shut plus my ears wide open, plus pretend I wasn’t an expert on cannabis. Once I got my feet under me, plus I knew all the various rules plus customs for the cannabis dispensary, then I would slowly start to take this place over. I have been selling marijuana for a lot of years, and growing it myself, so I am a student of the plant. Most of these budtenders here have a great deal of formal training, taking multiple lectures plus classes about the growing of cannabis, however I have field experience. Not to mention that as an avid marijuana smoker for over 10 years, my instincts for recommendations are spot on. My first month in the cannabis dispensary really went well I think. I still have a lot to learn about side products care about CBD oils, plus I may not ever remember all the different edibles they offer, however overall it was pretty awesome. If I have to have a real work, the cannabis dispensary is absolutely the best possible choice.

Recreational marijuana

After the dispensary put me out of business, I need work

After I graduated from university, I worked a total of 1 full time job for a grand total of 1 week. It was at a shopping mall book shop, plus it was 1 of the worst weeks of my life, however the work itself was not that terrible, if I’m being 100% honest, it was the growing feeling I had of “well this is it, pal, this is the rest of your life.” In university, my future seemed bright, however in the work force my future seemed limited, and more about endless clock punching plus endless irritating purchasers, so I quit after 1 week, plus set out to build my own fortune on my own terms, my path ended up being marijuana sales, which ended up being absolutely nice work for me for a long period of time, and after a few weeks selling cannabis for a friend of mine I earned enough of a nest egg to buy a large amount! From that point on I set my own hours, my own prices, plus staked my position as the main marijuana source for my whole town. Things might have gone on care about that for a long time, simply perfect, except for that stupid marijuana dispensary opened up a few blocks from here, now my customer base is all however gone, because the marijuana dispensary carries hundreds of different products, plus I simply can’t match their quality. I still have better prices, however it seems my purchasers would rather pay a higher cost for higher quality marijuana than to buy what I’m selling. I think I will have to break down plus apply for my 2nd job, at the marijuana dispensary.



CBD definitely works for me

To be the best type of salesman, you have to actually believe in what you are selling.

I truly don’t care what it is… take life insurance, for example.

I could never sell that because I don’t even believe it’s much more than a scam. Sure it helps people, I’m not arguing against it entirely, although I could never explain to people why it is necessary plus why they needed to pay for it. The best life insurance agents are the firm believers, because they can make you believe, also. I have an unquestionably weird line of work when compared to an insurance agent, but the adage holds just as true. I have become a rather successful salesperson when it comes to selling CBD oil plus similar products because I am a firm believer in what I am pitching… CBD oil use can easily enhance the overall health plus happiness of people who use it, plus I actually know this because I speak from the heart. CBD oil works for me, plus I encourage (but do not force) my whole family to use it as well. I think I know what you’re thinking, but that is not the case at all, because CBD oil has the THC pulled out of it, so this isn’t about getting high. I would not encourage that sort of thing from my partner plus children, although I have no such reservations about the use of CBD distillate. See, I’m not even trying to sell you various CBD products, but I’ve already got you thinking about why I enjoy them so much. Seriously though, if you do want to get some CBD distillate, be sure to drop me a message.


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A true believer in CBD products

To be a superb salesman, you have to actually believe in what you are selling.

I honestly don’t care what it is… take life insurance, for instance.

I could never sell that because I don’t actually believe it’s much more than a scam. Sure it helps people, I’m not arguing against it, although I could never explain to people why it was entirely invaluable as well as why they needed to spend money for it. The best life insurance agents are the actual believers, because they can make you believe, as well. I have a peculiar line of work compared to an insurance agent, but the adage holds just as true. I have become successful at selling CBD oil as well as associated products because I am a real believer in what I am pitching. CBD oil use can enhance the overall health as well as happiness of people who happen to utilize it, as well as I believe this because I speak from the heart. CBD oil works for me, as well as I encourage (but do not force) my entire family to use it also. I can guess what you’re thinking, but that is not correct at all, because CBD oil has the THC removed from it, so this isn’t about getting high or stoned. I would not encourage that sort of thing from my wife as well as children, although I have no such reservations about the use of pure CBD distillate. See, I’m not even attempting to sell you CBD products, but I’ve already got you thinking about why I appreciate them to such a degree. Seriously, if you do want to purchase some CBD distillate, drop me a message sometime.

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