Join me for Cannabis 101

Sometimes it is good to have a little bit of knowledge about things outside your normal field.

For example, I know really smart capable people that work hard, but say they don’t know how to cook or clean for themselves.

This is ridiculous, people should at the very least know how to take care of themselves in any situation, right? Besides that, how helpful would it be to know how to fix a car, or balance a checkbook, or grow your own crops? You can’t learn everything, but you can learn a little bit about a lot of things. That’s how I found out about Cannabis 101, a fast, fun online course that teaches all the basics about growing your own cannabis plants at home. Personally, I would not have known the difference between growing cannabis and growing hemp before taking this online class. I would have found out when I smoked it, eventually, but while growing cannabis plants and hemp plants can look very similar if you don’t know what you’re doing. Cannabis 101 stepped me through the basic science behind the different aspects of growing crops, and made it all feel very easy. I never did very good in school but these online marijuana classes really make me feel like I’m smart, so I hope this results in some quality plants! Growing cannabis for myself will save me a couple of hundred bucks every month, at least, and if I can grow more plants I can always sell the extra. If you have a couple hours, check out Cannabis 101.
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An online cannabis curriculum

I can’t believe I didn’t think about this years ago, I would have been retired a millionaire by this point.

At it stands, if I can get my plan in gear according to my timetable, I might be able to retire as a millionaire in another four or five years.

I work at a very small city college, and most of our students take online courses from us. We have been working on developing a very specific curriculum, although until recently we have been keeping it under wraps. With a lot of input from the cannabis dispensary industry, we have been working on a new series of programs and online programs for budtenders and shop owners. The beauty of the cannabis training classes would that you could receive credits and a certificate for passing them all. That means that people would want to take and pass the online cannabis classes before even going to apply for a dispensary job. It would provide a uniformity in the skills and basic knowledge level for all new dispensary employees. Once we can get this cannabis curriculum locked down, we can start selling it to different companies, who can adapt it to use for their own new employees. In the meantime, we can test out the marijuana classes with online students, to use their feedback and comments to improve every step of the process. In six months we will be able to present this to the major cannabis concerns, and hopefully after that it is only a matter of time before I can stop teaching and retire early.



Online Cannabis Classes

Uniform online training for cannabis dispensaries

For twenty years I worked my way up the sales force of a major corporation.

I won’t say the name, because it doesn’t matter, but I started at the bottom and worked my way up to being a regional manager.

At which point I realized my experience and knowledge was more valuable than what I was making, so I quit and went freelance, with excellent results. Companies will hire me to come in, assess the work force, and then give them different ways they can improve efficiency and, more importantly, boost sales. When I was hired by a cannabis dispensary chain, it was no different from any other chain of storefronts to me. They had so many stores in so many states it would be cost prohibitive to visit them all, so I came up with a program of online dispensary sales training they could all access. I could not compile the material for the dispensary sales training program personally, because I knew nothing about the product, but I could set up the skeleton of the program for the company to fine tune. The same core principles of cannabis sales training applied no matter what state they were in, or what specific blends of cannabis they stocked. If it be books, coffee, or cannabis, the core principles of sales always remain the same. I outlined a series of courses for dispensary staff education, sales training, and general product education to be utilized for all existing employees and new hires. It isn’t perfect, but does provide a uniform protocol for all dispensaries to follow.

Cannabis Business Training

Organizing the cannabis dispensary sales force

I am a manager of human resources, which means I deal with people, and putting the right people in the right positions to make a business a success.

I do not care that much what the business is, if I have the right people and the tools for the job, I can build into something bigger. I have worked for a coffee company, a bookstore chain, and a trucking company in the southwest, and my success has allowed me to earn a very nice living. I am an outside consultant, so I work with a company with a few months before moving on. My current client is a marijuana dispensary owner who wanted to expand his store into new markets. After a few days looking at what he had to work with, I convinced him to go a different route, and start a budtender training academy. He didn’t get it at first, so I had to spend a couple of hours explaining to him how his combination of cannabis knowledge and experience with teaching was too unique to let go. More and more dispensaries would be opening up over the next few months, raising the level of competition — unless his business became training all the new budtenders for their jobs at all the different dispensaries! If he thought state-wide he could start budtender training programs for hundreds of people a year, and that’s not even considering the online cannabis education options. This guy wanted to sell cannabis, but I convinced him to sell cannabis education instead, for a lot more money.

Cannabis Service & Sales

Making a good living with cannabis education

He wanted an online budtender training program, and he needed me online expertise to help turn this idea into a reality

One day I was a blogger, and the next day I had stumbled into an honest to goodness career. Miracles do happen, ladies and gentlemen, and I am living proof, because writing blogs for various websites really did pay off for me. I guess I should be more clear though, because I was using wordplay with that whole “one day and the next” business. It wasn’t luck that got me here, it was hard work, grinding out dozens of blogs a week for seven different websites, one of them being about a marijuana dispensary. I write high quality content, and I guess that came to the attention of the cannabis dispensary owner, who contacted me about developing some more content for him. He had a bold plan for a multi-state franchise of cannabis dispensaries, and wanted to develop a way to train his new staff over long distance. Being a budtender is not just running a register, it involves a deep and detailed knowledge of all the products in the dispensary, and that requires training. He wanted an online budtender training program, and he needed me online expertise to help turn this idea into a reality. Once it was set up he could use this one online cannabis education program on all of his new employees, with only slight modifications needed for different state laws. It will take about six more months before the online budtender education program is ready to roll out, but I am pretty excited. If it works we can sell the code to other cannabis dispensaries!


Recreational cannabis

Educating our staff starts right at home

The two of us task inside a cannabis dispensary. The two of us have a sizeable section of the job for educating people. The two of us found regular customers that are two types of interesting people. The two of us have some regular customers who certainly believe that they will certainly be interested in hearing new products. Many of those people come to us to talk about products. The two of us give recommendations as well as socialized with our client. The two of us believe there is a strong attachment and healing benefits for cannabis as well as other marijuana users. Another client is really the type without a single clue for using, looking, or navigating through several different products. Some clients have never visited a dispensary before and it’s my job as a budtender to supply each client with some information as well as tutelage. New customers are taught the Cannabis history as well as how it pertains to today’s language. Cannabis is easily derived from Cannabis sativa plants that have grown in tropical as well as temperate regions of the whole world. It has been cultivated for thousands of years for all of the medicine properties. Cannabis is a growing industry that is great for both medical as well as recreational purposes. Cannabis contains thousands of compounds as well as trains are available under strange names. It can be overwhelming for many clients, but we do our best to give them information as well as help them to make a good decision about what items to purchase from the store.


Cannabis grower

My skin is starting to clear up

I studied several different articles over the past few months, as well as the two of us certainly believe there might be a chance that CBD tinctures could treat our over flaring acne.

The two of us read a bunch of different articles as well as there are many different skin ailments that can be solved by using CBD tinctures. One of the reasons that due to the fact that the body creates a natural product called sebum. This product is one of the reasons why our skin produces waxy as well as oily substances. Sebum production can be slowed by the use of CBD tinctures. CBD tinctures also have an amazing amount of anti-inflammatory as well as pain healing properties. Many of these things are associated with acne problems. The two of us have certainly done our best to find as much information as we can. The two of us have read study after study that says that diet as well as even medications could cause a harmful influence over the symptoms. The two of us do not want to live the rest of our life with adult acne as well as it seems that nothing like proactive is going to help. The next thing on my list is to ask someone at a local pharmacy if they can provide me with information about CBD tinctures. I don’t have a medical marijuana card, so I can’t go into the store to talk with them about CBD items. It would be great if I lived in a state where they had recreational marijuana for sale everywhere.

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Dispensaries are starting to become the norm

In the 1980’s, marijuana dispensaries in New Amsterdam were referred to as coffee or tea shops. Only the folks in the area of these coffee as well as tea shops knew that they were actually places where cannabis could be smoked or purchased. Even that country has taken some time to adopt the necessary laws so that people can use marijuana in those areas. Even the government strictly regulates the use as well as sale. Our country has seen a lot of change over the past 15 or 20 years. Much of that change has come with the ideas of how Americans feel towards legalizing cannabis. It’s become a multibillion-dollar industry as well as it gains much popularity throughout each day. Medical as well as recreational marijuana dispensaries are naturally regulated much different. Medical dispensaries can grow cannabis with sourcing their plants from different independent Growers. Medical dispensaries have to use government-approved places with documentation. Medical cannabis places also need you to provide valid ID, medical certification, as well as a recommendation from your doctor. There are no exceptions to these rules. You are also required to register every time you enter the dispensary. This is keeping track of legal items. Dispensaries always have the type of items that you want to find in a cannabis Place such as whole flower, wax, butter, as well as a few different Edibles depending on your state. Some of my friends live in an area where they can’t have any edibles but around here you can get pretty much anything.


Marijuana cafe

Dispensary selections are getting better every quarter

The two of us are lucky to live in one of 28 states that allow either recreational or medical use of marijuana.

The two of us are lucky to be able to purchase many different marijuana products from cannabis dispensaries all over the neighborhood.

There are currently a number of states that has medical marijuana laws as well as dispensaries. 9 of these such States will permit many Recreational dispensaries to also operate. That government tries to regulate the medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as they have licensed helps as well as specialist that help to teach as well as consume cannabis. There has been many troubles with cannabis dispensaries from the time they first came to the public a long time ago. Fortunately, there are a lot of dispensaries that are just the same as pharmacies these days. They are clean as well as comfortable as well as always take each precaution that would help H consumer to find each best product for each of their needs. Each of the marijuana strains as well as each product offers the some greatly vast differences from each dispensary to each other. Some legal dispensary benefits is being able to understand as well as know exactly what featured percentages are there in such active compounds. This allows the user of said marijuana to have a brighter spectrum of the amount of relief you could get from each strength. Legalization of marijuana around the country is going to give us even more information on what strains can help us with what types of issues in our body.



Cannabis edibles

Every pharmacy is different inside and outside

Every Pharmacy is much different from the outside as well as the inside, as well as it is certainly the same when it comes to marijuana pharmacies.

Marijuana pharmacies are much more known to be dispensaries.

Recreational as well as medicinal marijuana is completely legal in this condo State. The legal cannabis industry is experiencing growth like no other. These businesses are certainly changing as well as the two of us have realized there are a lot of differences from one dispensary to the next. The two of us find it convenient to have so many marijuana dispensaries in the neighborhood. The two of us prefer to purchase items like Edibles, shatter, resin, in addition to whole flour. The two of us try a lot of different cannabis products as well as certainly understand they are all verified as well as tested for safety. It’s substantial to find the Cannabis sourcing areas as well. The two of us prefer to understand if they are plants that are grown indoors or not. All of the cannabis dispensary packaging should list a lot of different items like the amount as well as type as well as potency. Helpful budtenders should certainly guide every consumer to answer their questions as well as have a completely great experience. There are a number of online dispensaries that even have a dentist on board to provide the two of us with an update to our medical marijuana card. The both of us care to make our night at the marijuana Club a fun social occasion plus many of our friends would agree.
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