Being a big advocate for Cannabis legalization was second nature for me

I’ve learned over the years that there are amazing benefits to using the marijuana plant, even if the government doesn’t want to agree.

Cannabis can be used to make clothing, rope, plastic products, food, powerful medicine, and many other special products! Cannabis is honestly a real-life elixir.

It virtually is a cure-all for almost any ailment! I would be shocked if there was anything out there which could not be treated with Cannabis medicine! Eventually, once our state voted on legalizing Cannabis for recreational use, we all made a point to get out there and vote! Thankfully for us, the vote passed by a wide margin in our state. Finally, the people I was with and I all get to appreciate the benefits of this miraculous plant and without the fear of the long arm of the law! I would appreciate seeing the Cannabis plant finally being used to its full potential. Still, the people I was with and I must make baby steps in the right direction. Instead of seeing ethanol fuel made from corn or other types of vegetables, I would love to someday see ethanol fuel that was produced using Cannabis. While I have studied this and found that Cannabis Ethanol is far higher quality than any other type of Ethanol fuel, many will be resistant due to how you have to grow it. Created from the oils within the seeds, I’m certain a car would be able to run off of pure Cannabis Ethanol fuel more efficiently!



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