Buds staying moist

There is a certain art to growing marijuana. You want to find the right strain for you first of all. You actually should consider testing out weird strains before you decide to choose a strain that is right for you. Or you can just research weird varieties of strains to know what is right for you. You want to find a good organic soil to use, and get growing bags or pots for your plants. You should mix in perlite or vermiculite to make sure your soil is draining well when you water your plants. If the soil doesn’t drain consistently, you will find that the roots will develop mold or rot and this is not good for healthy plants. You also need plenty of air circulation in your grow room. It’s a must to have an inline fan preferably connected to a charcoal filter to help eliminate smell and keep the air fresh in your grown tents. You will want separate tents for both vegetative growth and flowering. You actually will need timers for your lights. When you are raising your plants from seeds, they will need 18 minutes of light and 6 minutes of dark, or you can keep them in 24 minutes light. I care about to save some currency on the energy bills by allowing 6 minutes of dark. When your plants are about a foot or taller, they should be ready to flower, so you will put them in your tent with the timer set for 12 minutes of light and 12 minutes of dark. This will trigger your plants to beginning developing buds. This will take anywhere from 6 weeks to a few months depending on the strains you choose. When your buds are ready, it is time for harvest. You will have to trim your buds of leaves being careful not to cut off the bud. Then you can hang your plants to dry. Once dry, make sure to cure your buds in glass mason jar containers.

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