Cannabis to help with chemo

I have a story that a lot of people might find hard to believe.

I was diagnosed with lung cancer roughly 5 years ago. I was devastated to hear the news but I wasn’t going to just give up on myself. I have heard countless tales about people going through chemotherapy and radiation. I know that usually it doesn’t work out too well. Even for those who are able to beat the cancer, they go through the sickness and chronic pain. I wanted to find a natural way to beat the cancer so I started researching. I learned to eat healthy and have a nutritious diet. I also learned that people are smoking cannabis to reduce the effects of chemo. CBD in the cannabis plant increases appetite that is affected by chemo. It also fights chronic pain and inflammation. Cannabis is good at reducing nausea and even getting off cancer cells. I was so worried about chemotherapy, but then I went to the local Cannabis Dispensary. The strain of cannabis I got was so strong and it absolutely just knocked me out. After I would smoke though, I felt so much better. I won’t say chemo and radiation was fun or easy, but the cannabis made it better. I am so thankful that I had a medical marijuana dispensary right in my town. It made the process less stressful and easier for me. I beat my lung cancer and now I smoke recreationally. Cannabis has changed my life for the better.

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