CBD for back pain

I also feel way more relaxed when I smoke.

I basically learned everything I know about cannabis from my buddy Dan who died. I was certainly upset when he died, and I smoked a bunch of cannabis in his honor. I prefer smoking cannabis rather than edibles or oils. Cannabis helps me in many ways. Sometimes I use cannabis oil. I usually take CBD oil if I am having trouble sleeping or I am stressed. I put a few drops in my tea and I am good. Sometimes I get a new strain of cannabis from the local cannabis dispensary to ease my chronic back pain if I am suffering. I find that cannabis oil is able to take away from our back pain. It absolutely helps a lot. My muscles get stiff and sore after not being in use from sleep. Dan was the one who told me that CBD in cannabis could help my back out. I did not believe him but I was desperate. I went to the recreational dispensary, talked to a budtender and got a product. I now smoke cannabis anytime I feel some back pain. The muscles feel so much better and I don’t feel as sore. I also feel way more relaxed when I smoke. The cannabis reduces inflammation, so that is why it helps. I am hopeful that one day I won’t have chronic pain anymore. I can thank my buddy Dan and also thank the local recreational dispensary for that. The recommendation and the right cannabis product is what would have helped me.
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