CBD helps with my little cousin’s seizures

We weren’t sure if she was even going to survive and worried about brain damage.

I have a younger cousin Andy who used to suffer extreme seizures. This situation was incredibly stressful on our family. I was hoping I could do something to help Andy and got talking to a neighbor about it. She said that I should consider having Andy try CBD oil for his seizures. She said that she had heard about how CBD is an effective treatment for seizures. Most people who used the CBD saw either a significant reduction or never had anymore seizures after taking it. I was skeptical. The doctors had prescribed a variety of medications and my little cousin was still susceptible to frequent seizures. I was hoping that CBD would prove helpful against at least the severity of Andy’s seizures. The stuff that the doctors had prescribed didn’t provide muct relief and also led to worrisome side effects. My neighbor said that because CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, most doctors refuse to recommend it. However, CBD is entirely natural and legal. She told me that there were a lot of doctors out there who do suggest the use of CBD for seizures and pain management. So I consulted with my family about CBD and they thought I was making a mistake. My father however said that it was worth a try. If the CBD could put an end to the seizures, why not? My cousin was in a state of depression because of the non-stop seizures. We weren’t sure if she was even going to survive and worried about brain damage. We decided to get him CBD oil along with edibles. It was a miracle cure from the very beginning. Since starting the CBD, the seizures have not returned.


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