CBD might help me sleep

I’ve always had a lot of trouble sleeping at night.

When I was a little kid, I would stay up past midnight, but even if I only got a few hours of sleep, I would still be wide awake at the crack of dawn, however my mom made me hot milk and cookies at bedtime, however I still only slept for a few hours every night.

Even after taking some melatonin in the evening, I still barely managed to sleep 5 or 6 hours. When I was in private school, things weren’t too bad, and i didn’t have to worry much about classes or late times. In school, our sporadic sleep schedule entirely hindered our exams and studies, however the professor from our lit class proposed that I visit with the school dr. I I knew it would be free, so I decided to take a stab. The school medical professional told me to try CBD oil at night, before I go to bed. I didn’t believe anything about CBD oil at the time, and I thought the ingredients would make me recognize strange. The medical professional assured me that CBD oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, the main ingredient in THC and marijuana products. I was still hesitant about trying CBD oil, however I visited a small shop; Gave me even more information. I’ve only been using CBD oil for a week, however I can already tell that I am sleeping more soundly. I’m still only sleeping 6 hours at night, however I recognize much more refreshed than in several years. If I up the dosage, I might even reach multiple full hours of rest each evening.


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