Grandy needs his cannabis in the nursing home

The man I call Grandy was not absolutely our Grandfather by blood.

He had been a close buddy of our mother’s father, as well as had stepped in to watch over our family when our real Grandfather passed.

I don’t even remember that dude, to be honest, because I was barely 2 years old, but I do know that Grandy has been around for our whole life. He lived nearby, as well as was regularly there for babysitting, holiday fun, as well as big family meals. The people I was with and I have reMained very close our whole life, as well as I was the a single that helped his transition into living in the nursing home. By “transition” I mean that I helped Grandy figure out the marijuana situation in the nursing home, however you see, Grandy was a heavy cannabis smoker as well as had been for our whole life. His cabin regularly stunk of heavy marijuana smoke, as well as he burned through joints as if they were cigarettes. This was a problem in a nursing home, for the obvious reasons, however at the same time Grandy wasn’t about to provide up cannabis after all these years. Then I pitched him the idea of switching over to cannabis edibles. The people I was with and I would get together every Monday at our cabin as well as spend all day making a sizable amount of the good edibles, which he could then munch on throughout the week, however grandy wasn’t sure at first, because he enjoyed smoking cannabis so much, but I convinced him to provide it a try. After that first week, Grandy was 100% ecstatic with the marijuana laced edibles, as well as never returned to smoking it after that.

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