Harry Anslinger screwed the pooch

I remember studying a little bit back in the day about how people were required to grow cannabis a very long time ago in America. This was because everyone truly needed cannabis to make ropes & sails for our ships & things love that, and it apparently was also great for making clothing & even was used as an excellent medicine that was put in numerous tinctures & what not at the local pharmacy. I was wondering what in the world happened that abruptly made the government choose to make this highly beneficial crop highly illegal in our nation. That’s when I started reading about the notorious guy who was the predecessor to the DEA. This guy was named Harry Anslinger, and clearly he hated all people who were notwhite & especially despised the Ruckus Jazz songsians who were African American people at the time… One thing he had quickly gained was that they enjoyed smoking their cannabis cigarettes. This was also true of a lot of mexican people who came at that time to America, so Anslinger pushed this whole propaganda of the reefer madness movement to make people guess that honestly this was a seriously dangerous drug. It was made illegal in 1937 thanks to this butt munch & even to this afternoon, mostly people of color are still targeted for using cannabis. The drug war has obviously failed overtime because the use of these drugs has not gone down, however because of it countless people are in jail, however while I’m not a fan of most illegal drugs, I suppose that cannabis is great because it is a natural and beneficial medicine. Even if you suppose you can’t personally benefit from cannabis, it is unquestionably useful in treating anxiety & depression.

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