How to go about the flowering stage of Cannabis plants

When you decide to go from the vegative cycle to the blooming cycle for your Cannabis plants, you will change the light cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.

There are other changes you will need to make as well like the fertilizer you use.

The fertilizer for the blooming stage must be high in Phosphorus. Phosphorus is important for many biological processes in the Cannabis plant, but especially is important for the blooming phase. With enough Phosphorus in your fertilizer, your buds will be able to grow nice and big which is what every Cannabis grower wants. You will be able to develop big healthy buds, but just remember not to over fertilize. Over fertilization can end up hurting your plants severely, so make sure to follow the directions that come with the brand of fertilizer that you are using. Another thing to think about is keeping your growing room at the right temperature. Don’t let the temperature go over 80 degrees or the trichomes on your buds could start to evaporate. If this happens, you will dramatically lose potency and quality of the buds. You don’t want to lose the lovely smells from your buds and you want your final product to be as high quality as possible. When you are getting close to the harvest, you can start to trim your flowers when you see that the hairs on the buds are changing colors. This is a sure sign when most of the hairs have changed, that it is time to harvest your buds. You will want to cut, dry, trim and cure your buds.



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