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If you’ve never tried a marijuana edible, then you are missing out. My friend  Bob has started his own business. He sells cannabis edibles. He’s always shown an interest in marijuana.  When he graduated from college last year, he began researching the possibility of opening a marijuana edibles business. He often bakes. t I thought he would want to attend culinary school and find work as a chef or a baker.  Once he started looking into cannabis edibles and the profit and industry growth, he was convinced that opening up his own marijuana edibles dispensary was the right decision. He says that most edibles don’t taste good because there is too much marijuana and not enough of other flavors. The marijuana can be strong enough to overpower the other flavors. The taste is not so good. Even CBD oil is not a good flavor. Bob has made it his personal priority  to create his own signature line of cannabis edibles that contain sufficient cannabis, but are also delicious! He’s been working on various recipes for some time now. He has me try them and provide feedback. His marijuana edibles are very good. I am sure that once he gets his business going, his edibles will become popular. Bob is going to make a good supplier. He cares about his customers. He is dedicated to providing a good product. While he hopes to earn a profit, he also wants to make his products affordable. He understands the importance of medical marijuana to large community of people who suffer from cancer, pain, and all sorts of problems.

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