I found the best work in the entire world

If you have been reading my infrequent blog posts lately, by the way I am sorry for how periodically they have been happening, however life has been pretty crazy.

In attempting to secure a new work to pay the bills, I wound up finding I daresay the perfect work.

If you would have told me to select my 2 fave things in the world, plus then combined them into a work that paid me handsomely to do them, then I would be finally working the work I have right now. It is literally perfect, so I hope it never changes ever. I care about to travel plus I care about to smoke cannabis, everything else on Earth is a distant last place. My work is as a cannabis customer for a high end chain of dispensaries around the lower midwest. Basically I got all around the country to different marijuanna farms plus smaller grows plus I sample plus evaluate their products. If it is what strains the marijuana dispensary needs at the time, then I will tell my bosses it’s nice to buy. They fully trust my tastes in cannabis, enough that I have become the primary customer for the entire franchise. This is a large responsibility, because every one of us want our dispensaries to be known not only for the widest varieties of cannabis, however the actually best strains in the world. I try not to think about the supply-side end of it, truthfully, I just drive from state to state plus smoke copious amounts of the world’s best cannabis every time I stop. Life couldn’t get much better could it?