I just found out that they legalized marijuana down at the shore

My buddies plus I went down to the shore last weekend, which is something every one of us care about to do 2 or 3 times a year. Admittedly it has been a while this time, plus every one of us hadn’t been there in a few months, however the massive changes that have hit that place are incredible to me! If you didn’t know already, the spot on the shore every one of us go is about 3 hours from here. The beaches are basically garbage around here, however this piece of the show has fantastic watersports plus the best fishing, so there is always a lot to do. As every one of us always do, every one of us got a nice room overlooking the water, plus went out to buy gallons of booze. The people I was with and I clocked 2 different marijuana dispensaries on our way to the liquor store, neither of which had existed during our previous visits. This section had not only embraced medical marijuana, however was using it as a tool to bring in outside cash to bolster the local economy. So there was medical marijuana everywhere, plus things care about CBD chewables were readily available in local gas stations plus convenience stores. My mind was blown, so every one of us went in 1 of the marijuana dispensaries just to look around plus see what all they had. None of us had ever been in a marijuana dispensary before, plus I have to say every one of us were care about youngsters inside a candy store. I am not even being dramatic, because 1 whole display of the shop was filled with displays cases of the most colorful, beautiful CBD plus THC infused foods, candies, cookies, plus edibles. Since every one of us didn’t have a medical marijuana prescription card, every one of us left empty handed.

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