I keep getting headaches

I suffer from arthritis pain, and I’m not exactly alone in this situation. Over fifty million Americans deal with the pain of arthritis and in serious cases, surgery is needed. I was trying to avoid surgery by using only physical therapy & medication. But unfortunately, long-term use of analgesics, corticosteroids, NSAIDs & DMARDs can actually result in terrible side effects. And so I was looking at an increased risk of having a heart attack & a stroke and even the chance of ulcers & cataracts in my eyes! I was scared about having increased blood sugar levels or high blood pressure and also injury to my liver, kidneys, eyes, and lungs. And plus all that medication often caused nausea & headaches for me. As the pain worsened for me, I started feeling depressed. And then my quality of life was not so great either. Then just a few years ago, I came across an article that totally changed everything for me. There was this article talking about THC, which is the most standard cannabinoid which influences how pain is perceived by the brain. It acts on CB1 receptors and then it produces anti-inflammatory effects in the body. I was eager about trying cannabinoids to relieve the pain. But I worried about the ‘high’ that might come with it. However, after some further research I found out that CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, stimulating the receptors in the brain in charge of pain. This deactivates the enzyme that metabolizes THC, so in other words, combining CBD with THC would give me all the benefits without any downsides. Since I started to use it, I have seen an amazing reduction in my pain & stiffness. I take an oral cannabis spray at night & one each morning. I now sleep better. And I’ve even started exercising consistently.

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