I know that’s a sign

Smoking is smoking or at least that’s what I learned in school. When I found out that my adult daughter was smoking marijuana I became uneasy about her health & the fact that she is harming their lungs. She keeps insisting that cannabis smoking is not equivalent to cigarette smoking, but I did not believe her. That is, until I started doing some research.  I was trying to locate information that would convince my daughter that she is going to get lung cancer from smoking marijuana, but in fact I found several articles that show she is correct. As it turns out, the tar & nicotine contained in correct cigarettes is the most dangerous thing to a smoker’s lungs. There is no concrete medical evidence that shows the use of marijuana causes the same type of build up in the lungs as cigarettes do. There are conflicting articles of course in several medical journals that say common sense dictates there will be harmful effects to your lungs from long term use of marijuana cigarettes, but, there is agreement that the build up in a person’s lungs will abruptly begin to go away if that person quits smoking. I’m still not ready to condone the fact that my daughter smokes anything, much less marijuana, but, I am slightly relieved that at least she is not damaging her lungs as much as a correct cigarette smoker does. There is ongoing new research & information becoming available with regards to the use of medical & recreational marijuana.  I am coming around to the notion that adults should be allowed to use marijuana for recreational use or medical use, much like they are allowed to consume alcohol.