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When it comes to the availability of legalized cannabis plants it can be very different from state to state plus Country to Country. The difference can be honestly pressing to think if you are a person seeking either medical or recreational use of any form of cannabis.  You need to ensure that you are not in violation of the local laws to avoid any legal problems. Some locales have harsh or severe guidelines about the amount of cannabis a person is allowed to have or the number of plants that a person can grow for personal use, while other parts of the world have no laws that are enforced such as some of the western states.  There, it is fully legal to have plus cultivate as much as you want. Here in the US, the cannabis laws vary from state to state plus if you drive from one state line to another, you need to be careful that you are compliant with the marijuana laws of that state. One day, maybe the Federal Government will decide to completely legalize marijuana, however until then, marijuana remains illegal according to national law.  The availability of medical cannabis is certainly of great importance to the lives of folks who need to use cannabis plus there is more than likely going to be a legalization of cannabis for medical purposes before the law will consider cannabis legal for recreational use. This will make a rather profound difference in the lives of those who are forced to travel many miles for treatments to an area where medical marijuana is considered fine, however no matter which side of the issue your opinion is, it is paramount to consider the well-being of all when looking at whether or not marijuana should be completely legal.

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