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My Pal wants to start working across the border. On the other side of our state border, there are at least 50 different medical cannabis dispensaries in the area. Our state does not have legal cannabis laws, but just five miles down the road, they do. It can make things difficult at times, but there are an abundance of jobs for people who are looking for a budtender position. Bun tenders are the type of people who walk around medical marijuana dispensaries and help you figure out exactly what type of marijuana might help ease your specific ache. These budtenders are trained in the ways of medical marijuana, so they can offer you a complete experience and tell you exactly what might be able to help. These budtender classes are offered a few days each month, and my friend is going to look them up to find out if they are off close to here. You can’t find these types of medical marijuana dispensaries anywhere around here, as well as I guess that what is exactly what makes this passion even more. My friend believes everyone should be able to feel a passionate care for these cannabis dispensaries, and I even guess that she will start to genuinely be a beneficial Community member. She will be able to teach people about the education of the plant, the cannabis use, and she will also help out with a budtender courses that are happening in the future. I think it’s a great way to start off the new year with a different job.

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