I use LED lights when growing

I own a growing facility and a lot of marijuana growers want to know about my light rooms for growing.

The lights when growing cannabis can be tricky.

A lot of it depends on the age of the plant, the temperature you want and what your growing facility looks like. For example, smaller cultivation facilities really should consider fluorescent lights. They are cheap, don’t produce a lot of heat and should be inches from the plant. You can have short ceilings and very little space but still have a healthy crop. Young plants especially do well with the fluorescent. There are HID or high intensity discharge lights too. These lights are more efficient and good for flowering plants. There is also less guesswork when it comes from lighting distance to the crop. However, HID bulbs get really hot and the heat can burn the plants easily. What I use is LED grow lights. These are those purple, psychedelic lights that you see. My marijuana cultivation facility is huge, with high ceilings. This makes it great for my LED lights. I don’t have to worry about the younger plants getting too hot. Just in case though, I do have an exhaust fan to vent out the heat. There is a bit of guesswork on how hot the bulb gets. They do have a cooling function built into the bulb that pushes heat upwards. So I am pretty set there. I do feel with LED lights you get a more resinous bud. I am really happy with my growing results. To each his own though.

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