I was upfront with the guy

The dispensary that I work at is a fairly new and upcoming. Since starting out, we’ve been unable to see any sales. No matter what products we offered or how many on staff, we were unable to get the cannabis products off the shelves. Ultimately, my boss decided that we might be lacking in sales training. The entire staff underwent budtender staff training. We all had to learn how to be a succesful  budtender. We took a series of courses that taught us to ask more questions and get to know the clients. We were taught to all about our cannabis products along with the effects of them. We participated in cannabis science training. The cannabis education courses provided all we need to know about the strains of cannabis and what they do. Having all this knowledge has given us the confidence to better advise customers on the right product and inform them of the effects of each one. Then the courses switched into a cannabis sales techniques. We learned how to recommend cannabis products without from being pushy. The trainer explained that some people have negative connotations associated with marijuana and might be intimidated.  The dispensary provides medical marijuana patients hope for better health and life changing improvement. The cannabis products are available to help those who suffer from all manner of health issues. Despite cannabis having a worse reputation than caffeine, it is not addictive and is all natural. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana.

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