I’m looking to get a job at the dispensary

My first job was selling pot out of my dad’s car in the parking lot behind the mall.

  • Little nickel bags of ditch weed, really terrible stuff.

I hustled, and within a year I was selling dime bags out of the back seat of my own car, in three different parking lots. By the time I graduated from high school I was making enough money off my business that it would have been a pay cut to go get a regular job. I kept growing and expanding the business, always doing everything myself, and the last five years have been very lucrative. Now that medical marijuana has passed, the market is collapsing around me, and it occurs to me that I need a way out. There are currently two different marijuana dispensaries open to the public, to anyone with a doctor’s note. Not only that, but two more cannabis dispensaries are being built as we speak, so the level of competition between those guys will be intense. There will be no way for the “little guy” cannabis dealer to keep his head above water any longer. I am in a bit of a spot, because I have never held a steady job at all, and I don’t think business owners want you to put marijuana dealer down on your resume. On the other hand, perhaps these up and coming cannabis dispensaries could use a veteran like me, to give them an edge over the other guys? If I can get hired on for legit cannabis sales, maybe going to work won’t be that bad.

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