Making a safe environment

Have you ever tried a marijuana edible before? They can be a treat. My neighbor Andy has started a company that makes marijuana edibles. He’s always been involved in marijuana in some way.  After graduating from college last year, Andy started looking into a marijuana edibles business. He loves to bake, and everyone assumed he would end up going to culinary school and become a chef or a baker somewhere. Once Andy started looking into cannabis edibles edibles, he was determined to start up his own marijuana edibles dispensary. He says that so many edibles taste bad because the marijuana is not mixed with enough other flavors to overpower the taste. The straight marijuana is not a good tastes or smell for a treat.  Even CBD oil is not all that tasty. Andy has made it his mission to create his own line of cannabis edibles that not only offer sufficient strength of cannabis, but are also delicious! He’s experimenting with different recipes for cake, cookies, brownies, and various marijuana edibles people might be interested in trying. Hopefully, once he launches his business, people will give his selection a try and spread the word. I believe his edibles will be far better than any other kind I’ve tried before. He’s given me some samples to try, and I have been very impressed. I know the most difficult part of starting this business has been all of the required paperwork, licensing and government stipulations. It has been very expensive just to become legal to sell the edibles.

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