My exciting project growing Cannabis from seeds

I do a lot of travelling and in my travels, I have seen a lot of Cannabis Dispensaries in legal states.

One time I was curious so I decided to go into a Cannabis Dispensary.

When I learned about the different types of Cannabis and even tried some for myself, I was blown away. I came to realize that this Cannabis is a powerful medicine and is good for all types of ailments. I happen to have severe anxiety and this Cannabis helped me a great deal. I do have medical cannabis available in my own state, but I wasn’t sure if I would qualify for a medical Cannabis card. This led me to ask the Bud Tenders about growing Cannabis. I learned quite a few things just by talking to them. They were telling me that I needed to find the right strain that I preferred. I then needed to get a growing tent, lights, a timer, fans, fertilizer, and a good growing medium. Since it was not legal to buy Cannabis and bring it back home, I asked how I would manage to do this. They told me that it’s not illegal to have Cannabis seeds, so I could purchase the seeds and keep them in a cool and dry storage container. I would just have to germinate my seeds when I had my grow room set up and then I could raise my own Cannabis crop. I got a real nice grow tent and all the other equipment needed including T5 fluorescent lights that I had set up in my growing tent. I germinated the seeds by soaking them in water until I saw the taproot come out. I placed the seeds in my growing mediums and had some beautiful plants come up. This was going to be an exciting project for me.


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