My first week at the marijuana dispensary

If you have been keeping up with my blog at all, you know that this was my first week at the new job.

As with any new job, there is going to be a learning curve.

Not only that, but there are all the other employees to get to know, and of course they all treat you like a newbie idiot. Of course I am not an idiot, I probably have more actual experience with the product than any of them, but you can’t say that on your first day, right? I did my best to keep my mouth shut and my ears open, and pretend I wasn’t an expert on cannabis. Once I got my feet under me, and I understood all the rules and customs of the cannabis dispensary, then I would slowly start to take this place over. I have been selling marijuana for years, as well as growing it myself, so I am a student of the plant. Most of these budtenders here have a lot of formal training, taking various lectures and classes about the science of cannabis, but I have field experience. Not to mention that as an avid marijuana smoker for many years, my instincts for recommendations are spot on. My first week in the cannabis dispensary actually went really well. I still have a lot to learn about things like CBD oils, and I may not ever remember all the different edibles they offer, but overall it was great. If I have to have a real job, the cannabis dispensary is probably the best possible option.


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