My local cannabis dispensary has everything I could ask for

I used to live in a state that only offered legal medical marijuana.

If you didn’t have a medical marijuana card, you couldn’t purchase anything from the cannabis dispensaries.

Now that I have moved, I have a big selection of cannabis dispensaries to choose from. I love that they offer so many different types of marijuana in the local cannabis dispensaries. I also found out that they are doing delivery from some of these dispensaries. I would have never thought they would deliver cannabis products to me. Their specials are absolutely amazing. Last month, I was able to get Girl Scout Cookies marijuana, for half off. I like going into the shops, and at least meeting the people, before I decide to order from them. The budtenders in this one dispensary is very knowledgeable and they take the time to talk to their customers. I can only imagine how much training these people are getting. If I have a question about anything, they will take the time to give me any information I need. Their cannabis is all of excellent quality and I love the delivery system. I just started coming to this cannabis dispensary a couple weeks ago. A friend of mine was telling me about their range of edibles and oils. I plan on returning every couple days, just to see what new items they have in. I found out they have a couple varieties of pot brownies, and I love pot brownies. I have found the cannabis dispensary that I think will be my only go to. If I am not feeling well, I’ll even be able to have them deliver to me.


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