My thoughts on marijuana

Some people in my group of friends talk out of turn.

I need a lot of people in the street and even at parties, and I genuinely want to talk about the types of things there are public opinions these days. Every one of my friends are usually stressed out in the afternoon when it comes to finals time. Every one of my friends along with myself have numerous beliefs that keep us from our religious views, but everyone of us are known to genuinely be liberal when it comes to marijuana usage. Every one of us believe that marijuana is a plant as well as each of us should be able to find relief from pain and headaches by using this type of product. Every one of us have found that migraines are helped a great deal, when everyone of us forget the migraine medication and go with a joint or some type of bowl of marijuana. It was nice when the doctor finally describe some medical marijuana for us, because that meant not having to sneak around as well as buy it from someplace on the street. Now that we have a medical marijuana license, every one of us can’t go to some places that sell this medical marijuana as well as pick up whatever we need for the week. My family as well as friends still don’t think that marijuana usage should be legal, but I guarantee if they tried it for a week, they would change their opinion on the subject as well.

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