Occasionally I have to do the curing

My child is a pressing time marijuana grower & sometimes she needs myself and others to manage her plants; My child travels a lot for work & has to leave her plants unattended for a while; For the most part, a lot of the stuff is on timed programs… I never have to worry about watering or adding nutrients to the plants.

The Heating & Air Conditioning method has a smart temperature control that our child made a program on, even if she wanted the temperature to change, she has the capability to change it right from her cellphone.

The humidity & fans in the growing facility are also controlled from her cellphone. Really the only thing our child needs help with is if she is curing her marijuana plants. This is the stage right after harvesting, which I have done before. To harvest, the plants are cut, dried & hung up for a bit. Curing is when the plant goes into jars to contain the moisture. After a few afternoons, the jars are opened up to let out any air pressure or excessive humidity. I have done the same thing with making sauerkraut, however you need to open the jars yearly to keep the product safe! Occasionally if you overpack the jar, they explode. I have had this happen with both sauerkraut & our son’s marijuana plant. It is always a mess to wash up afterwards. You have a disfigured product, broken glass & the smell is horrible. I do worry the whole time when our child has myself and others cure that the jar might burst when I open it.

Remote control growing facilities