Opening our dispensary

My mother and father recently decided to open up a cannabis dispensary.

At first it was all about medical marijuana due to the fact that was the program that was legal in our state, and eventually, they decided to allow recreational marijuana in our area.

I have to say that this was all truly shocking to me because in college I was consistently taught that marijuana is a gateway drug, and marijuana was just the start of some truly dangerous narcotics. I have since changed my tune. My parents did a lot of research on marijuana before they opened up the cannabis dispensary. They also talked to some of the local budtenders about different cannabis strains. It is shocking how beneficial cannabis products are, just about everybody can be fixed with a little CBD. You don’t even need to get high either to see the benefits, and some people choose to go to a dispensary & buy products only with CBD in it. That is the nice portion of the cannabis plant. You can reduce stress, chronic pain & sleep better at night without getting high. The THC is the portion of the plant that gets you high. A different style of person goes looking for those products. Even smoking for just fun purposes is not awful. If a lady wants to reduce stress or just know mellow, more power to them. I enjoy working at the dispensary & talking to each customer finding out their reason for smoking.


Marijuana dispensary