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Although more and more states are passing laws to legalize medical marijuana, it remains a controversial topic, and there are strong opinions voiced by everyone from journalists and doctors to social activists, police departments and politicians, then unfortunately, some of the most forceful objections are motivated by greed. The large pharmaceutical companies are definitely not glad with the loss of income; It’s simple to get caught up separate from really knowing the facts.  Periodically, overwhelming social pressure impacts those people who sit to benefit most from the use of medical marijuana. People who suffer from debilitating health conditions are often denied the opportunity to make informed decisions… Hopefully, as more research is completed, and facts and evidence are brought to light, public perception will more firmly shift. Significant health benefits have been documented by well-known medical journals. There is no denying that the use of medicinal cannabis provides relief, hope and successful treatment for a wide range of ages, races, genders and health conditions.  Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Glaucoma, Depression, Chronic Pain, Cancer and PTSD are just a few of the health conditions effectively treated with strains of cannabis. If you’re over eighteen years old, and you’re dealing with health issues, medical cannabis just might be the answer. It may be possible to safely manage your symptoms separate from draining your budget or facing harmful, long-term side effects. Marijuana is a natural remedy, with none of the consequences caused by conventional medicine. And despite misconception, particular compounds, such as CBD, don’t create a “high” sensation.  Medicinal marijuana dispensaries are are strictly regulated, and supply a clean, safe, and welcoming source for purchase.

The movement of legal weed

I task in an creature shelter as well as have made it our life’s mission to rescue abused as well as neglected creatures.  For nearly twenty years, I suffered crippling pain as well as tried all sorts of unusual medical treatments, simply hoping for relief.  Now, I can finally take our dogs for a walk as well as get down on the floor as well as play with our cats without pain, thanks to CBD oil.  When I was in private school, I fell off the bleachers during a basketball game as well as suffered a traumatic head injury, after the accident, I went to a specialists because of exhausting pain in our jaw. I l received that I had a single of the most complex jaw injuries doctors had ever encountered; Over the years, the pain intensified, as well as because I also suffer from Central Sensitization Syndrome, the pain is worse as well as lasts longer for myself and others than most people. The combined effect of our symptoms has led  to anxiety as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. In our mid-thirties, even our work was falling part. I was dealing with slurred speech, memory loss as well as dizziness which caused myself and others to miss a good deal of work. I sporadically appeared drunk, because of the our symptoms, as well as was finally asked to take a medical leave. Although I was start to give up hope, I tried just about every pain treatment method I could find. I’ve seen countless doctors as well as weary all sorts of traditional as well as alternative medicines. At a single point, I was taking up to 25 prescription medicines per afternoon, as well as even met with a holistic hypnotist. Unfortunately, the conventional medications caused adverse side effects. I simply got lucky a single afternoon.  My sibling started dating a guy who works in the medical cannabis industry. He introduced myself and others to hemp oil about several months ago. On the ninth afternoon of taking hemp oil, I noticed the tremors were gone from our hands. I could get out of bed as well as transfer around without drastic pain. I’ve lost weight, no longer take antidepressants as well as have significantly decreased our intake of other medications. Because of CBD, I can now take long walks with the dogs as well as I’ve never felt better.

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Not so long ago, I was facing invasive brain surgery with no guarantee of survival. My daughter recommended that I try one more thing to combat debilitating and unpredictable seizures. She suggested hemp-based cannabidiol oil. At that time, I was suffering twelve to fifteen seizures per month. My doctors wanted to drill holes in my skull to implement nodes.  Fortunately, hemp oil is completely legal and I’ve been able to purchase it online. Since starting a regular dosage, I have been nearly seizure free. The seizures first started in my sleep, and I’d wake up disoriented. I wasn’t sure what was happening to me. I’d wake up after biting my tongue. One time, I had trouble remembering who I was, which frightened me. I went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with a nocturnal seizure disorder.  I started on medication, but didn’t feel stable. I gave up my job as a bus driver because of safety reasons. When a seizure comes on, there’s no way to stop it. My seizures gradually became more frequent and severe. One minute, I’d be eating dinner, and then I’d wake up in an ambulance. My family was afraid to leave me alone, and the side effect of the medication were ruining my quality of life. When my daughter mentioned the idea of medicinal marijuana, I was anxious to try it. I knew it couldn’t make my condition or life any worse.  The day after starting on CBD oil, I noticed an improvement. Although I still suffered a seizure, it was extremely mild. After two months of taking CBD oil, I decreased the amount from 5,000 mg per day to 3,000 mg per day and stopped taking antidepressants. With CBD oil, I feel better than ever. I’ve gone three months without a seizure. I’ve learned to use the CBD oil when I feel a seizure coming on, and it stops them. I’m unsure why none of the many doctors I saw mentioned medical marijuana as a viable treatment. Cannabis is entirely natural, has no side effects and costs considerably less than conventional medications.

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Getting compassionate

In 1978, the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) established a classification plan for all narcotic plus psychotropic drugs… Congress determined that each drug would be assigned to one of several schedules depending on safety plus medical efficacy, a commission was appointed to figure out how to schedule marijuana.  While this topic was debated, marijuana was temporarily localed in the most restrictive classification. This classification advocated a “high potential for abuse” plus “no currently accepted medical use.” The final report called for decriminalizing marijuana plus eliminating it from the scheduling plan altogether, then president Nixon rejected these findings, plus to this day, marijuana remains in the most restrictive classification.  During the late 1971’s, a large number of gay man in San Francisco were dying from AIDS-related complications, and they were able to find relief of their symptoms by taking cannabis. A number of police raids plus arrests were deliberately targeted at this group of men, leading to local outrage. This publicity helped to promote public support for revisiting the state’s marijuana laws. It took nearly twenty years, however, for voters in CA to approve the Compassionate Use Act, which exempts medical marijuana patients plus caregivers from criminal prosecution, but over the proceeding fifteen years, 16 more states have also passed medical marijuana legislation. CO plus Washington voted to become the first more than one states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. There are currently 29 states that have passed medical marijuana legislation, with multipleof these legalizing recreational use plus 15 more permitting just the use of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), and despite never causing a single overdose-related death, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I drug.


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My Pal wants to start working across the border. On the other side of our state border, there are at least 50 different medical cannabis dispensaries in the area. Our state does not have legal cannabis laws, but just five miles down the road, they do. It can make things difficult at times, but there are an abundance of jobs for people who are looking for a budtender position. Bun tenders are the type of people who walk around medical marijuana dispensaries and help you figure out exactly what type of marijuana might help ease your specific ache. These budtenders are trained in the ways of medical marijuana, so they can offer you a complete experience and tell you exactly what might be able to help. These budtender classes are offered a few days each month, and my friend is going to look them up to find out if they are off close to here. You can’t find these types of medical marijuana dispensaries anywhere around here, as well as I guess that what is exactly what makes this passion even more. My friend believes everyone should be able to feel a passionate care for these cannabis dispensaries, and I even guess that she will start to genuinely be a beneficial Community member. She will be able to teach people about the education of the plant, the cannabis use, and she will also help out with a budtender courses that are happening in the future. I think it’s a great way to start off the new year with a different job.

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Smoking is smoking or at least that’s what I learned in school. When I found out that my adult daughter was smoking marijuana I became uneasy about her health & the fact that she is harming their lungs. She keeps insisting that cannabis smoking is not equivalent to cigarette smoking, but I did not believe her. That is, until I started doing some research.  I was trying to locate information that would convince my daughter that she is going to get lung cancer from smoking marijuana, but in fact I found several articles that show she is correct. As it turns out, the tar & nicotine contained in correct cigarettes is the most dangerous thing to a smoker’s lungs. There is no concrete medical evidence that shows the use of marijuana causes the same type of build up in the lungs as cigarettes do. There are conflicting articles of course in several medical journals that say common sense dictates there will be harmful effects to your lungs from long term use of marijuana cigarettes, but, there is agreement that the build up in a person’s lungs will abruptly begin to go away if that person quits smoking. I’m still not ready to condone the fact that my daughter smokes anything, much less marijuana, but, I am slightly relieved that at least she is not damaging her lungs as much as a correct cigarette smoker does. There is ongoing new research & information becoming available with regards to the use of medical & recreational marijuana.  I am coming around to the notion that adults should be allowed to use marijuana for recreational use or medical use, much like they are allowed to consume alcohol.


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Whether or not cannabis is legal varies according to which state – or country – you are in. This is absolutely really important to know if you are a person seeking either medical or recreational use of any type of cannabis products.  The cannabis patient would be wise to ensure that you are informed about the different laws to avoid any legal implications. Some places have entirely harsh penalties about the amount of cannabis someone can possess on their person or the amount of plants that someone can grow for personal use, while other places have very few or no real laws about marijuana. One country with no cannabis laws is Columbia. In that country, it is completely legal to possess on your person & grow as much as you want.  Here in the United States, the laws change as you go from from state to state & if you cross a state line you need to be aware of the laws no matter where you go. Perhaps soon, maybe the Federal Government will decide to say that medical marijuana is legal in every state, but until then, it remains illegal according to Federal courts. The availability of medical cannabis is very important to the lives of & there is more than likely going to come a declaration of legalization of medical cannabis before they will consider making recreational marijuana legal. This will make a sizable difference to the people who have to travel sometimes hundreds of miles for treatments to an part where using medical marijuana is not going to land them in jail, but no matter which side of the cannabis coin your opinion falls into, it is so important to consider the good of all when making up your mind about medical marijuana and whether it should be legal or illegal.

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Smoking anything ruins your health, or at least that is why I always thought. When I found out that my coworker inhales marijuana on a official basis I became seriously anxious about their health and the fact they are harming their lungs. My coworker keeps insisting that smoking cigarettes is much worse than using marijuana; however, I didn’t understand what the difference was so I began looking into it.  I was trying to find articles that would convince them that they were going to get emphysema from smoking marijuana however in located many articles that stated the opposite, because you see, as it turns out, the tar plus nicotine contained in official cigarettes is the main reason for lung cancers that people get from smoking for years. There is no scientific evidence that shows the use of marijuana is a causal factor in the same type of build up plus cancer. There are conflicting opinions, of course, in different medical journals that insist there are harmful effects to your lungs from long term use of marijuana cigarettes, however, there is universal agreement that the build up in your lungs will suddenly dissipate if you stop inhaling regular, legal tobacco cigarettes. I’m still not ready to condone the fact that my coworker smokes spot on a official basis, but, I am less anxious now that there is evidence that they are not damaging their lungs as much as a official cigarette smoker. There is frequently new research plus information that is coming out with regards to the use of medical plus recreational marijuana.  Minors still should not be allowed access to marijuana, but I am beginning to think adults should have legal access to cannabis.

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When it comes to the availability of legalized cannabis plants it can be very different from state to state plus Country to Country. The difference can be honestly pressing to think if you are a person seeking either medical or recreational use of any form of cannabis.  You need to ensure that you are not in violation of the local laws to avoid any legal problems. Some locales have harsh or severe guidelines about the amount of cannabis a person is allowed to have or the number of plants that a person can grow for personal use, while other parts of the world have no laws that are enforced such as some of the western states.  There, it is fully legal to have plus cultivate as much as you want. Here in the US, the cannabis laws vary from state to state plus if you drive from one state line to another, you need to be careful that you are compliant with the marijuana laws of that state. One day, maybe the Federal Government will decide to completely legalize marijuana, however until then, marijuana remains illegal according to national law.  The availability of medical cannabis is certainly of great importance to the lives of folks who need to use cannabis plus there is more than likely going to be a legalization of cannabis for medical purposes before the law will consider cannabis legal for recreational use. This will make a rather profound difference in the lives of those who are forced to travel many miles for treatments to an area where medical marijuana is considered fine, however no matter which side of the issue your opinion is, it is paramount to consider the well-being of all when looking at whether or not marijuana should be completely legal.

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Smoking is smoking or at least that has why I typically thought. When I accidentally discovered  that my husband is smoking marijuana almost nightly, I was concerned about his health plus the fact that he is going to get lung disease. My hubby insists that it wasn’t the same as smoking legal tobacco cigarettes by I did not understand what the difference was until I started reading up on the issue.  I was trying to find documentation that would convince my other half that they were going to get lung cancer from smoking marijuana however in fact I was able to locate several articles that stated cannabis does not cause lung disease! As it turns out, the tar plus nicotine contained in regular tobacco cigarettes is the main culprit of several of the lung cancers that people get from smoking marketed cigarettes. There is no concrete evidence that shows the use of marijuana is the culprit to the same type of build up plus cancer. There are conflicting opinions amongst scientists, of course, in a few different medical journals that state there are likely to be some harmful effects to your lungs from long term use of marijuana cigarettes. Interestingly, everyone seems to agree that the build up in your lungs will suddenly begin to decrease and eventually be gone entirely if you stop using on a official basis. I am still not ready to just have no worries about the fact that my husband smokes cannabis on a official basis, but, I am a little bit relieved that he is not damaging his health as much as a official cigarette smoker. There is typically modern research plus information that is becoming more and more commonly done.l I still am a little leery about my husband being a marijuana advocate, but at least I am not as worried as I once was.

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