Grandy needs his cannabis in the nursing home

The man I call Grandy was not absolutely our Grandfather by blood.

He had been a close buddy of our mother’s father, as well as had stepped in to watch over our family when our real Grandfather passed.

I don’t even remember that dude, to be honest, because I was barely 2 years old, but I do know that Grandy has been around for our whole life. He lived nearby, as well as was regularly there for babysitting, holiday fun, as well as big family meals. The people I was with and I have reMained very close our whole life, as well as I was the a single that helped his transition into living in the nursing home. By “transition” I mean that I helped Grandy figure out the marijuana situation in the nursing home, however you see, Grandy was a heavy cannabis smoker as well as had been for our whole life. His cabin regularly stunk of heavy marijuana smoke, as well as he burned through joints as if they were cigarettes. This was a problem in a nursing home, for the obvious reasons, however at the same time Grandy wasn’t about to provide up cannabis after all these years. Then I pitched him the idea of switching over to cannabis edibles. The people I was with and I would get together every Monday at our cabin as well as spend all day making a sizable amount of the good edibles, which he could then munch on throughout the week, however grandy wasn’t sure at first, because he enjoyed smoking cannabis so much, but I convinced him to provide it a try. After that first week, Grandy was 100% ecstatic with the marijuana laced edibles, as well as never returned to smoking it after that.

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My Granny needs her cannabis in the nursing home

The woman I call Granny was not our Grandma by blood relation.

She had been a close associate of our mother’s mom, plus had stepped in to help watch over our family when our real Grandma passed away.

I don’t even remember that woman, if I am being honest, because I was barely more than a year old, however I do suppose that Granny has been around for our whole lifetime. She always lived nearby, plus was consistently there for babysitting, holidays, plus immense family dinners. The two of us have reMEd close our whole life, plus I was the 1 that helped transition into her living in a nursing home. By “transition” I mean that I helped Granny figure out her marijuana situation in the nursing home! You see, Granny was a heavy cannabis smoker plus had been for our whole lifetime. Her apartment consistently stunk of thick marijuana smoke, plus she burned through marijuana joints like they were cigarettes. This was a problem in a nursing home, for the obvious reason, however at the same time Granny wasn’t about to supply up cannabis after all these years of smoking. Then I pitched her the method of switching over to cannabis edibles. The two of us could party down every Monday at our apartment plus spend all afternoon making a truly immense amount of edibles, which she could then munch on throughout the week, however granny wasn’t sure about it at first, because she enjoyed smoking cannabis so much, however I convinced her to try it out. After that first week, she was 100% thrilled with the marijuana laced edibles, plus never went back to smoking cannabis after that.



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I have the best job in the entire world

I don’t know if you have been reading my blogs lately, and I am sorry for how sporadically they have been coming out, but life has been crazy.

In attempting to secure a normal, boring job to pay the bills, I ended up finding I daresay the perfect job.

If you would have told me to pick my two favorite things in the world, and then combined them into a job that paid me to do them, then I would be working the job I have right now. It is literally perfect, and I hope it never changed. I love to travel and I love to smoke cannabis, everything else in the world is a distant second place. My job is as a cannabis buyer for a high end chain of dispensaries around the upper midwest. Basically I got all around the country to different marijuanna grows and farms and I sample and evaluate their products. If it is what the marijuana dispensary needs at the time, then I will tell my bosses it’s good to buy. They trust my tastes in cannabis, enough that I have become the primary buyer for the entire chain. This is a huge responsibility, because we want our dispensaries to be known not only for the widest variety of cannabis, but the very best strains in the world. I try not to think about the business end of it, honestly, I just drive from state to state and smoke copious amounts of cannabis every time I stop. Life couldn’t get much better could it?

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I’m looking to get a job at the dispensary

My first job was selling pot out of my dad’s car in the parking lot behind the mall.

  • Little nickel bags of ditch weed, really terrible stuff.

I hustled, and within a year I was selling dime bags out of the back seat of my own car, in three different parking lots. By the time I graduated from high school I was making enough money off my business that it would have been a pay cut to go get a regular job. I kept growing and expanding the business, always doing everything myself, and the last five years have been very lucrative. Now that medical marijuana has passed, the market is collapsing around me, and it occurs to me that I need a way out. There are currently two different marijuana dispensaries open to the public, to anyone with a doctor’s note. Not only that, but two more cannabis dispensaries are being built as we speak, so the level of competition between those guys will be intense. There will be no way for the “little guy” cannabis dealer to keep his head above water any longer. I am in a bit of a spot, because I have never held a steady job at all, and I don’t think business owners want you to put marijuana dealer down on your resume. On the other hand, perhaps these up and coming cannabis dispensaries could use a veteran like me, to give them an edge over the other guys? If I can get hired on for legit cannabis sales, maybe going to work won’t be that bad.

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Uncle Rick always smelled of marijuana smoke

Uncle Rick lived in our garage, and he wasn’t actually my uncle.

He and my dad were tight growing up, and while Dad went to college and started a career, Rick fixed up cars and slept in til noon as a career.

After he moved into our garage, Mom forbade me to ever go out there. Of course I went out there every single chance I got after that, because that’s how kids are. Uncle Rick was a weird guy, but very kind and wise in his own way, and he always treated me with a respect I didn’t get from my folks. Uncle Rick was also blazed on cannabis virtually all of the time. That is why Mom didn’t want me around him, it wasn’t because she disliked him she just didn’t want me getting a cannabis contact high being around him. She had a great point, by the way, as the dense cloud of marijuana smoke that surrounded Rick at all times got me high more than once. Now that I’m a grown man with my own house and my own garage, Uncle Rick lives with me, still enveloped by that fogback of cannabis smoke at all times. I like the guy, and I like giving him a place to live, and to be honest I also like smoking the marijuana myself every once in a while. Now that he is retired from his math teaching career, my dad even comes over to my garage sometimes and we all smoke marijuana together. It is the best kind of family bonding.

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How do I fill out an application for a dispensary?

I actually broke down and filled out a job application.

Believe it or not, the only time I have ever filled out a job application before was a practice one in high school.

I took a business and employment class, which I highly recommend to all young people, by the way. This class gave us a few different job applications, which we had to fill out honestly but creatively, and then create a resume to go with them. I thought it was stupiud at the time, but now it really helped me out, I would have been lost otherwise! I applied for a job as a budtender at the new cannabis dispensary they opened down by the highway. It was sort of a funny story, because although I had been selling marijuana for years at this point, I knew I shouldn’t put that on the application. On the other hand I didn’t want to lie, so I decided to grab the bull by the horns, and I went to talk to the manager of the cannabis dispensary. I just laid it out honestly for him, and told him I had years of experience with buying, selling, growing, and smoking different strains of cannabis, but I didn’t know how to put that on a resume. He appreciated my candor, and said he was actually looking for buyers and growers of different kinds of marijuana. He would need someone with experience to drive to different marijuana grows to test and sample their products. I asked him to pinch me, because that job sounded like heaven.


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The memoirs of a pot dealer are not that great

I am thinking about writing my memoirs one of these days.

I have a lot of extra time now, because my business is currently in a down cycle, to put it mildly.

I bet there are a lot of people out there that would like to hear the story of a self-made pot dealer, and his many experiences. Would you enjoy reading that? Let me know, it’s all part of the market research for the project. I hope that business picks back up, but this time may signify the beginning of the end. My six year run as the primary marijuana source for this part of the neighborhood may be coming to an end, thanks to legalization. Of course in this state we have legalized the use of medical marijuana, but you do have to get it prescribed by a doctor. We have still to get recreational marijuana use put up for a vote, but for my purposes it really doesn’t matter. The availability of marijuana dispensaries have caused the bottom to drop out of the market, because of the wider availability of cannabis. Everyone knows someone who knows someone now who has a cannabis card, so a lot fewer people need to avail themselves of my services. I have gone up to see the place myself, of course, just to see what kinds of cannabis the competition is selling, and what their prices are. All it took was one visit to the marijuana dispensary to convince me that my days of dealing are numbered, I won’t ever be able to compete with them.
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My first week at the marijuana dispensary

If you have been keeping up with my blog at all, you know that this was my first week at the new job.

As with any new job, there is going to be a learning curve.

Not only that, but there are all the other employees to get to know, and of course they all treat you like a newbie idiot. Of course I am not an idiot, I probably have more actual experience with the product than any of them, but you can’t say that on your first day, right? I did my best to keep my mouth shut and my ears open, and pretend I wasn’t an expert on cannabis. Once I got my feet under me, and I understood all the rules and customs of the cannabis dispensary, then I would slowly start to take this place over. I have been selling marijuana for years, as well as growing it myself, so I am a student of the plant. Most of these budtenders here have a lot of formal training, taking various lectures and classes about the science of cannabis, but I have field experience. Not to mention that as an avid marijuana smoker for many years, my instincts for recommendations are spot on. My first week in the cannabis dispensary actually went really well. I still have a lot to learn about things like CBD oils, and I may not ever remember all the different edibles they offer, but overall it was great. If I have to have a real job, the cannabis dispensary is probably the best possible option.


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The dispensary put me out of business

After I graduated from high school, I worked one job for a total of one week.

It was at a bookstore in a shopping mall, and it was one of the worst weeks of my life.

The job itself was not that terrible, if I’m being honest, it was the feeling I had of “well this is it, this is the rest of your life.” In school, the future seemed bright, but in the work force the future seemed like endless clock punching and endless irritating customers. So I quit after one week, and set out to make my own fortune on my own terms. My path ended up being marijuana sales, which ended up being a really good job for me for a long while. After a few weeks selling cannabis for a friend of mine I earned enough of a stake to buy a huge amount. From that point on I set my own hours, my own prices, and staked my claim as the main marijuana source for my whole neighborhood. Things might have gone on like that forever, simply perfect, except for that stupid marijuana dispensary opened up about a mile from here. Now my customer base is all but gone, because the marijuana dispensary has hundreds of different products, and I simply can’t match their quality. I still have the edge in price, but it seems my customers would rather pay a higher cost for higher quality marijuana than to take what I’m selling. I think I will have to break down and apply for a job at the marijuana dispensary.
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Annual lost weekend features a potluck of edibles

While attending university, my gang of buddies plus I were a crew.

Inseparable, hanging together virtually all of the time, however that was then plus times have changed.

After high university every one of us all had to go our different directions. All of us were all smart enough to figure out that every one of us shouldn’t let our friendship get in the way of our actually diverse futures. Some of us went away to another college, others went right to work. Thanks to social media every one of us could keep up with our lives, however every one of us rarely ever saw each other. So every one of us decided to begin an exciting new tradition, an annual “lost weekend” where the whole crew rounded up for endless drinks and of course marijuana consumption, just care about the good old days. The people I was with and I had all been champion cannabis smokers back in the good old days, plus no case of beer was safe around us. The lost weekend was the perfect excuse to cast aside all the stress plus responsibility of life plus get down old-university with some cannabis plus a bit of power drinking. Of course every one of us were all older, wiser, plus partied differently, so many of us brought edibles instead cannabis to smoke. One year every one of us really decided to host a marijuana potluck, where every one of us all brought different kinds of THC infused food. That 1 really did turn into a lost weekend, because I barely remember it after ingesting so much delicious cannabis. Listen, I know this is the time I should say something about the benefits of using cannabis responsibly, which of course absolutely is true. Usually I consume a actually minimal amount of marijuana on a yearly basis… usually.



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