Reduce stress with cannabis

I truthfully wish more people would relax and take it easy in the world.

Why are so many people violent and what is the deal with stress lately? I don’t know if there is ever a time where everyone around me is relaxed.

People drink booze or do yoga to relax. Some people go on long runs or eat unhealthy. The stress relief methods are vast and usually not effective. It is so easy to be less stressed though. The happiest, calmest people I have ever met all happen to smoke cannabis. It absolutely makes me happy to smoke. I turn to cannabis when I have a rough day at work or when I need to just wind down at night. Every night before bed I take a few drops of CBD. It is medically proven to help a person sleep at night. Cannabis also reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It is much healthier than eating ice cream or drinking your weight in booze. It is faster to smoke a joint than take a yoga class. In my state getting cannabis is so easy too. I just drive down to the local cannabis dispensary and pick up my new product. Sometimes I am feeling fun and I get a few edibles. When I need stress relief, it is nice having the solution. I feel more people should turn to cannabis. I bet there would be less heart attacks, failed marriages and turn over at places of employment. Cannabis is the solution.

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