Solving medical issues

The dispensary that I work at is a small and upcoming one. For a long time we just were not seeing sales. No matter what products we had and how big of staff, we just could not get the cannabis products off the shelves. Finally, my boss decided that we must be lacking in education. The entire staff had to undergo budtender staff training. We had to learn what it takes to be a budtender. All of us went through courses that taught us to ask more questions than the customers. We were taught to know our cannabis products and the effects of them. We also had to do cannabis science training. The cannabis education business stressed that we need to know exactly what the strains do and how they do it. Having all this knowledge gives us the confidence to recommend the right product and actually know the effects of one. Then the courses shifting into a cannabis sales training aspect. We were learned how to push cannabis products without being pushy. The trainer made a good point that most people have a negative connotation with marijuana as the typical lazy, pot smoker. Pop culture has tainted the image and made it a joke. What the dispensary does for medical marijuana patients is not a joke, but life changing. The cannabis products are there to help those who suffer. The last thing that I came away with is that cannabis has a worse reputation than caffeine. Caffeine is more addictive than pot.