Stumbled into some crazy trouble

My bestie as well as myself have known one another for at least a hundred years.

  • When the both of us graduated together, both of us took some time for a trip destination.

Both of us were going to unusual colleges. Dan as well as myself needed an adventure so both of us had to do something fun for the year. Both of us hiked around the mountains, as well as both of us were packed for quite an adventure. Both of us were over in the Green Mountain Ridge, at least five miles from the closest doc. Danny as well as myself were equipped with plenty of cold water, hiking gear, boots, as well as compasses. If we were out there for more than a few nights, the both of us were not worried at all. Both of us began our Jewish track up on the mountains, and things were going well until night started to fall. The both of us decided to take out our come as well as camp for an evening. We were starting to make a fire, when both of us heard voices over near the distance. Both of us felt it was extremely strange for these absolutely loud voices. Danny as well as myself started to make a hike to see what was going on. As soon as we realized we were on a marijuana Farm, the both of us knew we were in substantial trouble. It was a seriously immense marijuana growing operation. Dan as well as myself knew we were probably in some trouble, so the both of us started hightailing it away from that illegal marijuana Farm.

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