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Whether or not cannabis is legal varies according to which state – or country – you are in. This is absolutely really important to know if you are a person seeking either medical or recreational use of any type of cannabis products.  The cannabis patient would be wise to ensure that you are informed about the different laws to avoid any legal implications. Some places have entirely harsh penalties about the amount of cannabis someone can possess on their person or the amount of plants that someone can grow for personal use, while other places have very few or no real laws about marijuana. One country with no cannabis laws is Columbia. In that country, it is completely legal to possess on your person & grow as much as you want.  Here in the United States, the laws change as you go from from state to state & if you cross a state line you need to be aware of the laws no matter where you go. Perhaps soon, maybe the Federal Government will decide to say that medical marijuana is legal in every state, but until then, it remains illegal according to Federal courts. The availability of medical cannabis is very important to the lives of & there is more than likely going to come a declaration of legalization of medical cannabis before they will consider making recreational marijuana legal. This will make a sizable difference to the people who have to travel sometimes hundreds of miles for treatments to an part where using medical marijuana is not going to land them in jail, but no matter which side of the cannabis coin your opinion falls into, it is so important to consider the good of all when making up your mind about medical marijuana and whether it should be legal or illegal.

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