That was not my issue

The cultivation of marijuana is not new; there is a great deal of evidence to support the fact that marijuana was used for pottery, food, rope & medicine during the stone age,even. Chinese medical text references the plant in the treatment of gout, rheumatism, & malaria, too. It was also used as an anesthetic for surgeries sometimes.  The Egyptians, Greeks & Romans relied on the marijuana plant in a wide variety of ways. And so because of this, the planting & harvesting of cannabis eventually spread throughout Asia, the Middle East, African & India. Then in Europe in the sixteen hundreds, British colonies took advantage of hemp to produce textiles & as medicine. It is believed that Napoleon came back to France from Egypt in the 1780’s with marijuana on board his ships. Both George Washington & Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their plantations, and so by the mid eighteen hundreds, marijuana was considered a mainstream remedy. So it is surprising that this rise in acceptance came to a sudden halt. Many people just think it’s the result of proven research & pitfall side effects.  However, the prohibition of cannabis actually originates in greed, racism & cultural warfare. It dates back to the Great Depression. In 1929, there was a growing fear & resentment toward foreigners in our country. Randolph Hearst was making lots of money in the paper business. As hemp offered a cheaper & more readily available alternative, he sought to discredit marijuana all together. Suddenly, the newspaper he owned & operated carried frequent stories blaming marijuana use for Mexican men losing their minds and there were stories of marijuana causing men of color to become violent & commit rape. Unfortunately, these fabrications were enough to turn popular opinion.

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