The bad reputation of cannabis

I have to wonder why so many people lie about things all the time.

I mean, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a small fib. I suppose telling my babies about the tooth fairy isn’t terrible. Nobody is getting harmed by this fib at all, but, there are lies that truly can affect people, and our government is quite a liar when it comes to cannabis. How is it that they made such a beneficial plant look so bad? It’s deranged to read up about the cannabis plant. It used to grow everywhere, it is called ‘weed’ due to that. It just so happens that all kinds of weeds & herbs have tons of medicinal properties that every one of us are not aware of. You won’t read anything about it in our classrooms either, that’s for particular. Why would they want to confess that they have been lying about how awful cannabis is? I have done quite a bit of looking around & have talked to many budtenders at cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis is entirely a good drug to take & is all natural. It is nothing like popping pills & getting addicted. There is no addictive quality at all. You can even smoke cannabis & not get all weird mentally. CBD products have only the nice portions of the plant that cut back chronic pain, stress & increase appetite. Cancer suffers, PTSD & seizures all see benefits from cannabis. Why do people still feel the drug is bad? Why can’t the government get on board with pot being helpful?


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