The new dispensary put me out of business

I am thinking about writing my memoirs 1 of these days soon.

I now have a lot of extra time on my hands, because my supplies are currently in a down cycle, to put it mildly.

I bet there are a bunch of folks out there that would care about to hear the story of a self-made pot dealer, plus his various experiences in the pot biz, however would you prefer reading that? Let me know, it’s all space of the market research for this project. I hope that supplier picks back up, however this time may signify the start of the end. My long, trouble-free run as the primary marijuana source for this neighborhood of the city may be coming to an end, thanks to legalization. Of course in this part of the state every one of us have legalized the use of medical marijuana, however you do have to get it prescribed for you. The people I was with and I have still to get recreational marijuana use put up for a public vote, however for my purposes it absolutely doesn’t matter. The availability of new marijuana dispensaries have caused the bottom to drop out of the market, because of the wide availability of cannabis. Everyone knows someone who knows someone now who has a legal cannabis card, so a lot fewer people need to avail themselves of my services. I have gone up to see the place for myself, of course, just to see what kinds of cannabis the competition is selling, plus what their prices were like. All it took was 1 visit to the marijuana dispensary to convince me that my days of dealing are done for, I won’t ever be able to compete with them.
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