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The dispensary were I work is  small. We’re just starting out. In the beginning, we were not seeing very many sales. No matter what products we offered or featured, or  how friendly our staff, we just could not get the customers to buy the cannabis products. Finally, our boss came up with the idea that we were lacking in education. The staff participated in budtender staff training. We took courses to learn what it takes to be an effective budtender. All of us went through a bunch of courses that taught us to ask more detailed questions about the buyers. We were taught all about the cannabis products & the effects of each. We also had to complete cannabis science training. The cannabis education courses stressed that she should be aware of  exactly what the strains do & how they work. Having all this expertise adds up to greater confidence, so that we can recommend the ideal product and make sure the customers know the effects. Then the courses shifted to focus more on a cannabis sales training aspect. We were educated in how to recommend cannabis products without being pushy. The trainer made a point to tell us that some people have a negative association with marijuana. We need to put them at ease and make sure they are comfortable. The dispensary offers the medical marijuana patient a comfortable environment and a knowledgeable staff to assist them. The cannabis products offer hope to those who suffer. The last thing that I came away with was to take pride in the cannabis products we sell, the help we provide and the people we take care of.  

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