there was a racial motivation

It legitimately is a ridiculously good thing that people are finally waking up to the many benefits of cannabis. They are also seeing that commonly, underprivileged people of color are targeted for using cannabis. It is a unquestionably racist and unfortunate thing & things are finally increasing in a more positive way these days. Many locales are decriminalizing cannabis to a certain degree, finally, that allows people to get these things off their record & it turns out if they have non-violent drug offenses, they are usually freed from jails & prisons. Unfortunately, numerous states still have plenty of these crazy laws in locale when it comes to cannabis, fortunately for me, I live in a state where people have a brain & they have previously made cannabis legal both recreationally & medically across the state. The people I was with and I are genuinely allowed to grow our own Bountiful cannabis plants in our homes so long as both of us grow only so many per adult. Ever since the current law has been in affect, I have been growing my own beautiful little cannabis plants. I set up a legitimately nice grow room & I even have a few grow tents. You have to have a different tent set up for vegatative growth & 1 for flowering. If any stray light gets to the cannabis plants that are flowering, the cannabis plants can quickly be affected in this stage. You certainly don’t want your plants to go wacky, so you legitimately need to constantly make sure zero light gets in there in the dark periods.

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