These are the best dispensaries

The dispensary that I work for is small but upcoming. For a long time, we were not seeing sufficient sales. No matter what products we offered or how big of staff, we just could not get the cannabis products to sell. Finally, our boss made the decision  that we were lacking in education. The entire staff were asked to undergo budtender staff training. We were taught what it takes to be a budtender. We went through a series of courses that taught us to ask more questions of the clients. We were taught more about our cannabis products and the effects of them. We also completed cannabis science training. The cannabis education company taught us exactly what the strains do and how they affect people. Having this new comprehension gives us the confidence to guide clients to the right product and actually understand the effects. Then the courses moved onto a cannabis sales training aspect. We learned how to encourage cannabis products without being pushy. The instructor  made a point that some people have a negative connotation associated with marijuana, seeing users as the lazy and slow. The image has made it more difficult for people to get help. What the dispensary does for medical marijuana patients is very helpful. The cannabis products are offered to help those who suffer. The final thing I came away with is that cannabis has a worse reputation than caffeine, even though caffeine is more addictive than pot. And no one has ever overdosed on marijuana.