This is what a budtender does

I work for a dispensary that is quite small but growing.  For a long time, we were not getting many sales. No matter the products we offered or how helpful out staff, we couldn’t get the cannabis products off the shelves. Finally, my boss figured that  the staff was lacking in education. The staff then had to undergo budtender training. We were educated in what it takes to be a proficient budtender. All of us went through instruction that taught us to ask concise questions and customize the experience to the customer.  We were taught to better identify cannabis products and the various effects they provide. We also completed cannabis science. The cannabis education process stressed that we need to be aware of exactly what the strains do and how they do it. Having all this insight gives us the confidence to recommend ideal products and recognize the effects. We followed up with cannabis sales training. We were shown how  to push cannabis products without being overbearing. The instructor made a wonderful point, saying that some people associate connotations with marijuana. They think of the lazy, pot smoker, because our culture has tainted the image. What the dispensary provides for medical marijuana patients is the ability to improve their health and quality of life. Medical cannabis products are able to help those who suffer without harmful side effects. I have learned that cannabis has a worse reputation than caffeine, although caffeine is addictive and definitely more harmful than pot. The training was definitely worthwhile.