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If you’ve never tried a marijuana edible, you are in for a treat. My friend, Tony recently started a new company. He produces cannabis edibles. He’s been interested in marijuana since he graduated from college last year. He started considering a marijuana edibles business shortly after that. He likes to bake, and I figured he’d end up attending a  culinary school and becoming a chef somewhere. But once he began looking into cannabis edibles, Tony got excited for the plan of running his own marijuana edibles dispensary. Tony says that many edibles taste bad because they are strongly flavored by the marijuana, with no other flavors providing any sweetness. The taste of the other ingredients need to overpower the marijuana. Unfortunately, the marijuana tastes like it smells. Even CBD oil has a strange and not overly pleasant flavor. Tony has made it a priority to make a  line of cannabis edibles that offer sufficient marijuana, yet still taste delicious! He’s currently working on recipes for cake, cookies, brownies, and all types of marijuana edibles. I think he’s going to make a great profit. His edibles will be way better than any other kind I’ve tried before. He’s taking the time to research and perfect his recipes. He also needs to go through lots of government regulations and licensing to be able to actively sell his product. Just getting everything legal is costing him a fortune. I hope he will be able to recover his investment through sales. He has even discussed the possibility of deliver.