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With wide-spread legalization of marijuana, the effects of cannabis on the human brain is a topic of a ton of debate. There has been a good amount of negative publicity targeted toward marijuana over tim. A bunch of this propaganda was based on political plus financial greed… Finally, studies are no longer looking to strictly discredit cannabis however researching the potential instead. One of the main functions of the neurons in the brain is to store plus recall types of information. The scope of memory includes sensory, short-term plus long-term memory. Sensory memory momentarily hangs onto sensory experience-related details before transferring them to the short-term. Short term memory stores what’s happening at the moment, while long-term memory keeps all the critical information taken from short-term memory. There have been multiple studies performed on mice which suggested that long-term marijuana use severely impaired memory plus learning abilities. However, the findings of this study have been severely questioned. The drug used in the experimentation was not obtained from the cannabis plant at all… It was a synthetic product whose effects just resemble those of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Studies involving human subjects have produced all kinds of mixed results. A study completed in 2012 revealed that persistent marijuana dependence lowered IQ for the most part. The decrease in IQ was more serious in people who became marijuana users as adolescents rather than adults. However, a study completed in 2016 on marijuana use in adolescents suggested that a decrease in IQ could be linked to something other than marijuana use. Familial factors may be the cause behind the critical decline. As far as short-term memory goes, cannabis users may find it a bit hard to recall experiences while under the influence. The effects on memory seems to depend a lot on the type of cannabis. Memory plus cognitive impairment is more significant with products that have more concentration in THC content plus lower concentration in CBD content.


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