Trying to figure out the best Major for me

After High School I knew I wanted to attend school, I just had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.

I don’t really believe that many people who undoubtedly even know at the young age of eighteen nor should they be expected to.

There are many courses that are general to all degrees and I knew that I could get those out of the way before declaring my Major. I was always pretty much a nerd in school & opted to hang out in the Borders or with my math minded friends so I figured I would settle on something where I could utilize those skills. I overheard some of my classmates speaking about a new program that the school had just become certified in the area of medical plant chemistry. At first I was under the impression that this had to do with GMO plants however then all of us came to learn that I could easily work in the easily profitable field of medical cannabis. Growing & developing new strains of marijuana that were entirely particular to many ailments. I thought this was undoubtedly cool & never knew that a degree could get you into the pot growing industry. It makes perfect sense though because whether it is in the smokable form or & extraction from the plant to create CBD oils it a growing industry that needs to have fully qualified people working in it. Now I just have to convince my parents & get them to easily see that working at a cannabis facility is a wonderful choice for a career. It honestly may be the hardest move with choosing my Major.



Pot growth