Uncle Nick always smoked marijuana in the garage

Uncle Nick lived out in our garage, plus he wasn’t really my uncle.

He plus my dad were tight as brothers growing up, plus while Dad went to college plus started a career, Nick fixed up old cars plus slept in til past noon as a career.

After he moved into our garage, Mom forbade me to ever go out there. So of course I went out there every single opportunity I got after that, because that’s how youngsters are, however uncle Nick was very much an odd fellow, however actually kind plus wise in his own way, plus he always treated me with the respect I didn’t get from my folks. Uncle Nick was also blazed on cannabis virtually all of the time. That is why Mom didn’t want me around him, it wasn’t that she disliked him she just didn’t want me getting a cannabis contact high being around him. She had a fantastic point, for the record, as the dense cloud of marijuana smoke that surrounded Nick at all times got me high more than once. Now that I’m a grown person with my own house plus my own garage, Uncle Nick lives with me, still enveloped by that fogback of cannabis smoke at all times. I deeply care about the guy, plus I care about giving him a place to live, plus to be honest I also love smoking the marijuana myself every once in a while. Now that he is retired from his career teaching math, my dad even comes over to my garage occasionally plus every one of us all smoke a little marijuana together. It is the best kind of family bonding.


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