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Smoking is smoking or at least that has why I typically thought. When I accidentally discovered  that my husband is smoking marijuana almost nightly, I was concerned about his health plus the fact that he is going to get lung disease. My hubby insists that it wasn’t the same as smoking legal tobacco cigarettes by I did not understand what the difference was until I started reading up on the issue.  I was trying to find documentation that would convince my other half that they were going to get lung cancer from smoking marijuana however in fact I was able to locate several articles that stated cannabis does not cause lung disease! As it turns out, the tar plus nicotine contained in regular tobacco cigarettes is the main culprit of several of the lung cancers that people get from smoking marketed cigarettes. There is no concrete evidence that shows the use of marijuana is the culprit to the same type of build up plus cancer. There are conflicting opinions amongst scientists, of course, in a few different medical journals that state there are likely to be some harmful effects to your lungs from long term use of marijuana cigarettes. Interestingly, everyone seems to agree that the build up in your lungs will suddenly begin to decrease and eventually be gone entirely if you stop using on a official basis. I am still not ready to just have no worries about the fact that my husband smokes cannabis on a official basis, but, I am a little bit relieved that he is not damaging his health as much as a official cigarette smoker. There is typically modern research plus information that is becoming more and more commonly done.l I still am a little leery about my husband being a marijuana advocate, but at least I am not as worried as I once was.

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