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Smoking anything ruins your health, or at least that is why I always thought. When I found out that my coworker inhales marijuana on a official basis I became seriously anxious about their health and the fact they are harming their lungs. My coworker keeps insisting that smoking cigarettes is much worse than using marijuana; however, I didn’t understand what the difference was so I began looking into it.  I was trying to find articles that would convince them that they were going to get emphysema from smoking marijuana however in located many articles that stated the opposite, because you see, as it turns out, the tar plus nicotine contained in official cigarettes is the main reason for lung cancers that people get from smoking for years. There is no scientific evidence that shows the use of marijuana is a causal factor in the same type of build up plus cancer. There are conflicting opinions, of course, in different medical journals that insist there are harmful effects to your lungs from long term use of marijuana cigarettes, however, there is universal agreement that the build up in your lungs will suddenly dissipate if you stop inhaling regular, legal tobacco cigarettes. I’m still not ready to condone the fact that my coworker smokes spot on a official basis, but, I am less anxious now that there is evidence that they are not damaging their lungs as much as a official cigarette smoker. There is frequently new research plus information that is coming out with regards to the use of medical plus recreational marijuana.  Minors still should not be allowed access to marijuana, but I am beginning to think adults should have legal access to cannabis.

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