We love the growing process

I am a second generation farmer, my family has been in the farming business, ever since the 1720’s.

My Dad plus Dad ran a successful farm for 40 years, before they retired plus offered it to me plus my sister.

My parents had thoUSnds of ccres, plus the two of us grew potatoes, corn, tomato, plus strawberrys! When my Dad plus dad retired, they purchased a thoUSnd acres next to our East fence! I thought they were going to plant more corn, but they had something odd in mind. When they retired, they offered us the land lease plus a book on marijuana farming. It was a large encyclopedia full of information of marijuana farming plus horticulture, but the thing is enormous, but it will come in handy as a great desk reference guide. I thought my sister was going to faint, plus I was really surprised too. I thought my Dad plus dad were joking, but they were certainly serious. They already had a soil test performed on the land, plus they applied for the necessary permits. My Dad plus dad told us the land was our future, plus our future was going to be in marijuana farming. I do not recognize anything at all about marijuana farming, plus neither does my sister. I’m also going to attend a pot farmers convention in April. I should learn a lot from that experience, then every one of us have a lot of work to do before the two of us can even guess about planting the first seed. I never thought my parents would give us such a sizable surprise. I guess it will be a great adventure.

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