What is the difference between CBD and isolates?

As the manager for a busy CBD dispensary, I often get asked the same questions. One major question that comes up every day is the difference between common or full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. The cannabis plant itself contains more than 400 strange chemical compounds. At least 50 of these compounds are known to be cannabinoids. CBD is the main 1 of these cannabinoids, then full spectrum CBD products are made from the entire cannabis plant. They may contain CBD or a variety of other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD oil can also be made with flavonoids and terpenes. These compounds help boost the effects of CBD oil on the body, mind, and spirit. CBD isolates only contain cannabidiol and they are free from THC. These isolates are most often extracted from hemp, which contains seriously low and undetectable concentrations of THC. CBD isolates are superb for quarterly users, as they contain seriously high doses of cannabidiol. Since both isolate and full spectrum CBD products react in strange ways, I constantly explain the difference to our customers. CBD isolates are great, however there are many strange effects that come from using the entire marijuana plant, then research has only studied the effects of THC and CBD, however there are a variety of other cannabinoid compounds that can be found in full spectrum relief. If you are unsure what product will offer the best relief, then you should talk to your healthcare provider or local budtender. There is a lot of information available, and studies show that each of these compounds significantly affect our mood.


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